The year of 2022 has seen a vast usage in virtual apps. Whether it is Emails, or chats, or meetings, or video conferencing. The main reason for the spike in usage of these apps is due to the COVID pandemic situation that all the countries have become a victim to. 

Zoom is one such app that has a wide range of usage among its various customers. These customers are spread across the entire globe.

This shows the popularity this app has gained in the recent times. Data shows that almost 90% of people use this app for office meetings and video calls. And almost 60% use it for conversing with their friends and family. This is how user friendly and desired this app is. 

However, you should note that, there are various other such apps that fulfill the same purpose as that of Zoom. In this article, I shall inform you about other such apps that can be used for video calls – 

1. Google Meet

Top 10 Best ZOOM Alternative For Video Conferencing

Google meet is the one of the best zoom alternative for video conferencing. This was previously known as Google Hangout Meet. It is one of the best video conferencing app to be in use. And is offered as a part of the G suite of Google.

The greatest advantage being, it allows up to 250 users to be a part of meetings. And if any event is being live streamed, it allows up to 1,00,000 viewers for the event. 

2. JIO Meet

JIO Meet

Jio meet is the second most usable tool for zoom alternative for video conferencing. This is an Indian initiative and it has very recently been developed. It provides great video quality and thus ensuring a good customer experience. However, there is still time before we see how app fares in the market and how the users like it. 

3. Skype


Skype is another great application that has been in existence since a lot many years. A lot of people across the globe are aware of this application and use it very frequently.

The benefit of using skype is that it is very user friendly. And also, that is very for the user. One only needs to create an account with skype and then can freely use it to contact anyone across the globe. 

4. Microsoft Teams

 Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another great app that can be used for video conferencing. Teams however, is often used for official purposes only. It is seldom used for keeping in touch with friends and family.

The main reason for this being, the Teams application requires one to register and pay to use this app. It is not available for free on the internet. 

One of the great features of this app being that it can conduct meetings with close to 1000 participants. Hence, it proves very useful and essential for educational institutions and large companies. Organizations that need to be in touch with a large number of people. 

5. WebEx


WebEX is an app developed by Cisco, and is used again for formal meeting and video conferencing. It also allows you to converse through messages on the app as well, known as team messaging. Also having the feature of file sharing through the app. 

6. StarLeaf

StarLeaf is an audio and video conferencing cloud-based software. It is completely free to use and only the user to connect the app to the internet. Anyone having a StarLeaf app or account can converse with each other, no matter which location they are present in. 

This is an audio and video conferencing cloud-based software. It is completely free to use and only the user to connect the app to the internet. Anyone having a StarLeaf app or account can converse with each other, no matter which location they are present in. 

7. Whereby


Whereby is a video platform mainly founded for companies and professionals. It should be noted that communication and video through this has to be hosted or carried out through the web browser. They have not developed an application to use this software.

However, this app has certain limitations in comparison with other apps. Limitations especially in regards to the number of participants that can join a meeting, which is limited to four. 

8. Slack


Slack app is mainly used for chatting, however they do provide options of conduction video calls too. Usually in a free version of the app, one can make a video call to only one other individual. This app does not allow you to undertake meetings, and have video calls with multiple people. 

9. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet

This app allows you to hold public and private video calls and chats. It is also beneficial since it integrates with Google Calendar, and Office 365. It allows up to 75 participants in a meeting. However, for the best video quality and experience, it recommends keeping 35 participants in a meeting. 

10. IMO


IMO is a very popular app, and is being used by many across the globe. The quality provided by this app is very good and hence provides a great experience to the user. However, this app is used more for personal interactions and communication rather than formal company meetings between employees. 

I hope reading this article has helped you gain more information about how to get Top 10 Best ZOOM Alternative For Video Conferencing.

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