Friends are you willing to know about “How to install WordPress on Hosting in 5 minutes“. Are you got tired by searching and reading many pages and still feeling confused than this page will give you relief because you will found answers of all your doubts here.


This is one of the rules of knowledge that, if you want to know about anything better than you should go through its basics, here is some basic knowledge related to WordPress in short and easy language which will make you able to easily understand upcoming knowledge. 

WordPress Basic Knowledge 

WordPress was released in 2003. It becomes important to know that WordPress is free which means you don’t have to invest money and can use it to get profit.

Profit without investment isn’t sound lovely? Well it is really amazing.

WordPress is also open source Content Management System (CMS), written in PHP and paired with MySQL and Maria DB. It supports multiple operating systems such as UNIX-like, windows and linux.

Why should you go for WordPress for your website instead of any other?

Here you get answers in very short points but if you face difficulty understanding it you can read explained one by scrolling down this page.

Reasons to choose WordPress for your website: 

  1. Free profit 
  2. Save your time and career 
  3. Scheduled become live 
  4. Distribute page system 
  5. Adding and editing of blocks 


👉 Free Profit

One of the best and beneficial things about WordPress is that it is free. Which means it doesn’t charge you anything to install and operate your website.

Meaning you don’t need to invest and can get profit in excess.

👉 Save Time and Career

WordPress allows you to create a website with a few steps easily. Which means you don’t have to make so many efforts by which this saves your time and energy, which is very important for you and your career, so indirectly it is saving your upcoming career also.

It allows users to create an attractive and professional website, by which you can attract a crowd to your website. 

👉 Schedules Become Live

WordPress allows users to schedule the pages and posts. Which means you don’t need to worry about some event pages or posts.

You just need to create the page and schedule it. WordPress will automatically make it live at the scheduled time given by you itself. 

👉 Distributed Pages System

WordPress allows you to distribute one lengthy page into sub pages and separate different pages which make your content easy to read and understand and you can arrange them according to your need of use. 

👉 Adding and Editing of Blocks

WordPress allows you to create an attractive website by using predefined blocks. You can also design your website with the help of its features.

You just have to drag-and-drop and use the block. The amazing thing is that you can customize the colour, size and front of your content as per your choice, interest and creativity.

Now, the main section of this article for you is here, where you will read about the steps to install WordPress in Hostinger Hosting in 5 minutes.

Your Visit to Hostinger

Open your browser and visit


Web Hosting Selection

select a web hosting which seems right for you. There are different web hosting plans offered here like Shared, Cloud, VPS ,WordPress Hosting.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger Hosting in 5 Minutes

Web Hosting that suits you, choose it and select that one.

Hosting Plan Selection

here I am giving you an example to understand better, suppose you choose Shared Hosting for you, now the next step you need to do is selecting a web hosting plan.

Hostinger plan

There are many different plans, select one plan which is affordable and you think is suitable for you and your website.

Checkout and Buy Hosting

In this step before installing WordPress on your hostinger account you have to check out and pay for your selected web hosting.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger
How To Install WordPress on Hostinger
How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

Here you can choose the plan period that you want to purchase either for 1 month or years. This step is so easy. This is totally like recharging your phone from your mobile app like MyJio app.

Installing WordPress in Hostinger

Did you successfully pay for your hosting? If yes then now you are some steps away from your aim.

Now you will know why we recommend Hostinger for WordPress. We are now going to install WordPress by using Auto-Installer on Hostinger.

So be happy and feel free because now you are starting your journey with easy steps toward your success, bright future and great career. Also, please don’t forget that you are going to achieve success with the help of us and this page.

Steps for Installing WordPress on Hostinger Hosting in 5 minutes

1️⃣ First Step

So, the first step is that you need to open Hostinger‘s hPanel.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

Where you will find the Hosting account on your screen that you recently bought, so use your username and password that you just created and the first step is over.

2️⃣ Second Send

In the second step, you need to find the Manage button. Where you will find the web hosting details and settings.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

This is the button that you need to process further so once you found it, click on it and it will redirect you to some pages.

These pages are important because they contain different sections for example Order, Account, Email, etc.

Therefore read and proceed carefully with a focused and calm mind.

3️⃣ Step Third

To go further you need to follow step three which is to find out the website from the website section.

You can see in the above image that, there is an option named as Auto-Installer you need to choose it and click on it.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

When you will click on it, the Auto-Installer web page will appear on your screen immediately, Where you will find so many one-click install apps that you can install on your server.

4️⃣ Fourth Step

You will find WordPress under the most popular section and you now need to click on it as 4th step.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

5️⃣ Fifth Step

After completing the 4th step, on the 5th you need to enter the URL of the domain for which you want to install WordPress on your server.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

So, enter the domain and go to the Next button then click on that. 

6️⃣ Sixth Step

Now, you need to set up the admin username and password for your WordPress dashboard. Set up a username and strong password with your email address and now again click on the Next button to proceed further. 

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

Once you complete all these steps and WordPress is installed successfully on your server,  you will receive an email on your email ID with the WordPress login link.

Click on the link and log in to your WordPress dashboard. 

This is how you can install WordPress on Hostinger with some easy steps and within 5 minutes.

Hostinger Deals 2021


Web Hosting + Free Domain

  • Premium Web Hosting for at least 12 months
  • get a free .COM domain for the first year.
  • Free SSL
  • Cloudflare included.

Isn’t it very easy, simple and amazing? Now you can start using it by designing and creating your WordPress website. So congrats and enjoy now.


In this page we have discussed the easiest way to install WordPress on a Hosting in very less time. Here is step- by- step information and guidance. We hope you found it informative, easy and helpful. We tried to make it as simple as we could.

By the end of this article, we hope now you know the importance of WordPress and getting started with it quickly without any help from experts. 

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