Search Engine Optimization is increasing the traffic that your website receives through search engine results. SEO consists of a lot of things. You might be confused about the whole thing hence you should read on for a detailed description of Search Engine Optimization!

Before that, however you will definitely need to know what I mean by website traffic.

What is website traffic?

The kinds of viewers you attract to your website and the number of viewers you attract is your website traffic. Web traffic is used to measure the efficacy of your website. The number of views you get determines the traffic of your website.

At this time, let us now begin understanding the various parts of SEO.

Why are keywords important for SEO?

Your SEO keywords are what make it plausible for people to find your website after having searched. SEO keywords are what point your website to the viewers who search for a particular topic.

Google search for SEO

What decides the page your article appears on? The more concise your keywords are, the better chances for your website.

Keywords are the language that your website communicates to Google with. You need to observe and note how and what kind of people are looking for products, services, and websites. This is for you to make it easy for them to find your website and services.

Sites like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush help you improve your keyword usage.

Subsequently, let us understand how SEO works.

How does SEO work?

In simple words, SEO is improving your site visibility for potential viewers. Working with search engine technology to put your website amongst the top websites out there. When you search for something on any search engine, they come up with a list of websites you can view.

Have you wondered how they procure these links or how they understand what you searched for? This is where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization is the technology that makes all of this plausible.

SEO strategies

Now, SEO needs certain criteria to judge what website ranks on which page. These criteria are what websites work on and call SEO strategies. There are a lot of agencies and companies that will make your article and website rank better if you hire them. Agencies that take care of your SEO strategies for websites.

You can also view digital courses that allow you to know these strategies and better your rank and score. I will list some of these strategies here, but you have to discover which do the trick for your website.

7 strategies

1. Keywords- As explained earlier, the keywords you use to define your article or page matter.
2. Content- Digital marketing experts have always stated that the quality of your content will decide your scores. The better your content, the more views you get.
3. Page titles- Remember, people will have a lot of sites to visit. Meaning, your website could easily be replaced. So, you need to wake the viewers’ interest in your article. The best way to ensure this is to provide amazing and interesting page titles. Nothing like curiosity to get your readers to read the article.
4. Backlinks- Backlinks are fast becoming very important for ranking in Google. The more people that link to your website, the better your website ranks on Google or any search engine.
5. User experience- This is very important nowadays. The trend of user experience has evolved very convincingly. Make sure that your website is easy to operate and understand, and that there are abundant links on your page.
6. Site architecture- Remember, a new viewer will judge your website based on its looks. Here, they will judge the website based on its cover. So, talk to your web developers and make sure that everything is easy, appealing, and organized.
7. Expert- SEO is pretty easy to work out. It just requires common sense. However, if you do feel there is a need for professionalism, you could always hire an expert to take care of SEO on your website.

What does the SEO score depend upon?

Along with keywords, backlinks, and content, SEO also depends on the type of web hosting you have. You can check SiteGround, Hostinger, and PaidBoom.

Apart from hosting, certain other factors that influence the SEO score are:

  1. Secure and safe website
  2. Domain authority, age, and URL
  3. User experience
  4. Website speed
  5. Number of shares and forwards
  6. Links
  7. Meta description length
  8. Heading sizes and levels
  9. Grammatical aspects of the content
  10. Overall readability of your content

Various sites like Yoast can help you by marking SEO factors in your article.

Yoast premium in WordPress
This is what Yoast premium looks like in WordPress.

Sites like these mark out the places you can better in your content. They also prompt other things that are essential for SEO.

Ensuring the right kind of traffic

Many people can visit your website. However, if they are not for the purpose you want, it’s the wrong kind of traffic. The quantity of quality of your traffic is essential for your SEO score and your customers.

You want customers who are genuinely interested in your product or/and services. Once you have the right kind of people looking, more traffic is better for the scores. Now here come organic results. SEO is the process of optimizing your content to get more viewers through “organic” search results.

But what are organic results?

More than half of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are filled with ads. While this is not a problem, this kind of traffic is paid. So, we need organic search results. Organic search results are cost-free and better for your website. These organic results are a result of strictly algorithmically calculated.

Pay-per-click is a result of an auction-based system. Wherein, search results are based on the relevance of the viewer’s query. This may get you more views and customers. Seeing as how it’s paid, it may not be for everyone.


SEO is a vast topic, but one which is essential for your website’s ranking. There are a lot of agencies and websites that will suggest the top strategies to be used. Remember though that only you can decide what works best for you.

Try to come up with new and innovative ideas for your website. Try to customize your website and strategies, that way your results will be exclusive!

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