Bloggers and freelancers often realize that PayPal won’t work for them. So, here are alternatives for you to use. Read on to find out the pros, cons, and features of these alternatives.

Why not PayPal?

PayPal is a great option to consider, and there are definitely a lot of benefits there. However, PayPal has also given a lot of reasons to users to switch.

1. PayPal’s ‘Seller protection policy’ doesn’t protect sellers selling digital products.
2. There have been cases where the accounts have been frozen for over 6 months without prior warnings.
3. The time taken to withdraw money is 3-5 days. This is comparatively a lot.
4. A lot of PayPal alternatives are available at cheaper rates.

Having considered this, a lot of bloggers and freelancers consider alternatives better. So, read on for the top 7 PayPal alternatives for bloggers and freelancers. The sites are not placed rank-wise.

1. Google Pay

Google Pay is an option many users have considered and preferred. It is mostly preferred for its fast and simple way.

Google Pay India
High level of security- Layered upon by various levels of security, Google Pay is considered very secure. They are not saved or shared with anyone. OTP’s are frequently used. Without access code or biometrics, Google pay cant be opened. Not easily accepted- A lot of shops and businesses don’t accept Google Payment.

Easy and fast reach- You only have to carry your phone and the transaction can take place. This provides ease of use to the users. Data Privacy troubles- Most mobile payment methods do not leave transaction records. So, in case of any breaches in the system, there would be no way of knowing.
Promotion incentives- When you spread the word about the app, you get small rewards. These come

in the form of small money offer, hampers, or free tickets.
Sustenance on certain phones- Not all smartphones support Google Pay. Smartphones that support NFC, alone are able to support Google Pay. So a newer model phone is necessary.

Newer features needed for Google Pay
Ease of use- It is easy to download the app on your mobile. It’s even easier to use the app. Just ensure that Near-Field Communication (NFC) is on your phone. Google Pay has certain features that a lot of smartphones don’t have, so make sure you have those features. Lack of hardcopies- All your transactions and their receipts are on your phone.
So, if something happens to your phone, you will not have any records left. This is a breach. Hence, it is suggested that you backup all your data beforehand.

That’s why Google Pay is one of the best paypal alternative to user bloggers & affiliate marketers

2. Stripe

Stripe Pay

Stripe has received almost as much recognition as PayPal. Customers have given great overall reviews and ratings.

Stripe will overtake to paypal in few years, that’s why stripe is the best paypal alternative in all over world.


  • Affordable- The prices are very reasonable for any business. UI/UX- This makes it easier for non-tech users to use the app.
top 7 PayPal Alternatives
  • Recommendable Customer service- Quick follow-through of queries is provided. The Stripe personnel are very friendly and solve all your problems in time.
  • Multiple forms of payment- This makes your work as the user very easy. You don’t have to worry about the different payment modes. It becomes convenient and easy.
  • UI/UX- This makes it easier for non-tech users to use the app. The setup, too, is very easy and convenient to use. Stripe has integrated all software, so it’s easier to access.


  • Technical issues- Sometimes, there are technical issues. This makes the app not work. Transactions are not made despite giving accurate information. Cards often don’t work, even when they are in perfect conditions.
  • Global Coverage- Not all countries accept Stripe payment.
  • Customer reviews- A lot of customers complain about the issues they face. Although the overall rating is excellent, individual customer comments are not very promising.

3. TransferWise

TransferWise Page

TransferWise is best when you constantly have a lot of international transactions.

Pro’s Con’s
Money transfer services are very easy to handle.
You can only send money to someone’s bank account.
You get the best exchange rates and offers. Mid-Market rates are used. Not all currencies are accepted.
You have full access to your multi-currency. You will also have access to your Mastercard debit card. Recipients don’t get cash money. They can only pick it up from banks.

Very low transfer fees for overseas.

Payment only takes place through credit/debit or master card. You cannot pay through cash or cheque.
Complete transparency is maintained. There are no trick/surprise prices to be paid. For large sums of money, Transfer Wise is not commendable. Its alternatives are cheaper.
Money is very easy to transfer. The other such services are also very easy to handle.

4. Authorize

“Accept credit cards, contact less payments, and e-Checks in person and on the go.” With this as their slogan, Authorize is one of the practical options. page

Most customers find it very easy to operate the app. Ease of use along with economical prices. One of the best features is that integrates with other systems very well. Authorize is often used as an alternative to PayPal. You can customize the notifications you get easily. This is a feature a lot of customers appreciate. The transactions and deposits are very quick.

The website is not designed properly though. The space available and documents are very cluttered. Potential customers and users may see this disorganization and decide otherwise.

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5. Skrill

top 7 PayPal Alternatives
Pro’s Con’s
Email Transactions Extra money for double conversions
Free accounts Not all International banks accept it.
Same storage place for all data Prepaid cards only available in Europe
Fast and easy access Technical issues are often reported by customers.
Easy Credit Card transactions. High prices

6. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay provides simple yet easy transaction facilities. This is often considered a second choice. Most suitable for individuals, not companies.

Google Pay India Home page

Most people don’t consider this an option. Amazon Pay is actually a very good choice. With the brand name and trust, it really does work well.


  1. Promotion and extra incentives
  2. Instant Payment through UPI
  3. Amazing customer reviews
  4. Brand benefits and trust
  5. Technological features


  1. Not all Modules available
  2. Integration problems
  3. Shady verification procedures

7. Payoneer

A secure, accommodating, practical, and rapid payment processing is offered. Payoneer is often used in stead of PayPal.

Payoneer home page


  1. Easy and simple sign-up process
  2. Direct withdrawal process from your account
  3. Payoneer cards are accepted over all platforms
  4. All currencies are accepted


  1. Irresolute renewal fee
  2. Live chat and support not ideal
  3. Spending limits


PayPal is an amazing site, but it does not work out for everyone. The important thing is the ease you feel with using the site. So, choose the site which works out best for you.

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