Everything You Need To Know About 21 Social Media Marketing Trends

Many businesses today are booming. And are going global by reaching out to customers across various countries. This has helped get customers and businesses closer to each other. 

But how has this become possible? 

Even when sitting at home, how have businesses got customers from other countries? These 21 social media Marketing trends change your game.

The credit of this can only be given to technology. It is because of technology that things have become easier in the 21st century. High-speed internet, software developments, new apps, etc. have all helped make our work easy. Sitting in one place, with a click of a button, you can run your whole business. 

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

However, if you are an entrepreneur, you need to be comfortable with technology. To help your business grow, you need to make use of every technology available. Because almost every business today is present online. All businesses have a website to help their customers better. 

Not only to run a business but also to advertise your product, technology is helpful. Nowadays, advertising and marketing your products or services is very important. This is important to beat your competition. One of the best ways to do this is through the internet and social media. Every person of every age group is present on at least one or two social media pages. Hence marketing your business on such media is helpful. 

Let us look at some websites/apps/social media pages that will help your business grow. And how to use these pages for your benefit.

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

1. Whats app for Business

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

This is a great initiative that was started in 2019. They have over 5 million users since then. Whats app for business is a new way to strengthen your customer relationship. It allows you to have a business account on Whats app. And gives you the following benefits :

  • Post your company information.
  • Post website links.
  • Create a catalog of your products or services. 
  • Share items from your catalogs to individual customers. 
  • Easy platform to use for you and your customer. 
  • Respond to customers quickly.

This app is a great success. Because many big brands are using this to strengthen their customer relationship. Brands such as:

  • Netflix
  • Adidas
  • KLM airlines
  • Bookmyshow
  • OYO rooms

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is another great social media app. It is the most famous mobile chat app. Everyone today is present on Facebook. And even on Facebook messenger. Hence in recent times, it has become a great tool to grow your business. And to get customers. Facebook Messenger has more than 1.4 billion active users.

More than 60% of people in every country use this app for business marketing. This gives your business more than enough present and future customers. This is a tool that will replace Email marketing soon.

Since it has many more benefits than using Email marketing. You can use Facebook messenger for marketing in the following ways :

  • Building chat-box.
  • Creating Messenger ads to attract the audience. 
  • Customizing your audience.
  • Providing your products or services catalog.

3. Facebook Videos

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

Like we know Facebook is a very popular app. It has around 2.6 billion users monthly. Hence it is a great platform for business owners. Here they can find a lot of customers for their business. Videos are a great way to capture customer’s attention and showcase your brand.

Research has shown that Facebook users love watching videos. And that it helps to attract more customers as compared to written ads. Also, more than 75% of people buy the product when they watch video ads. This technique in turn helps to increase the traffic on your website. And boost sales. It is also found that videos are one of the best tools for customer engagement. 

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups make you a member of a community. Here you can interact with people who are interested in a similar thing. Benefits of using a Facebook group for marketing your business:

21 Social Media Marketing Trends
  • Creates a community for a specific purpose.
  • Common platform for all your customers. 
  • Helps you target a specific set of audience.
  • Keeps you in constant touch with the customers.
  • Builds a better and strong relationship with the customer. 
  • Notify the group of recent updates. 
  • Get honest and reliable feedback. 
  • Helps increase leads for the business. 

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5. Instagram Reels

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

Instagram is another popular platform like Whatsapp and Facebook. It has more than a billion active users every month. This app is especially famous among the younger generation around the globe. Instagram is also known to come out with new developments frequently on their app.

Instagram Reels is one such new thing for its users. It is one of the most recent developments in apps. This feature allows you to create short 15 second videos. You can add various features and edit these videos. It allows you to get creative with your ideas. You can add your company or product/services information. Hence it is an effective marketing tool in 2020. Especially when you want to target the younger generation of the globe. 

Many brands are attracted to use this feature. Since it helps you attract the audience within just 15 seconds. 

6. Instagram Carousel

Instagram Carousel

Instagram carousel is a great tool for marketing in 2020. It allows you to combine multiple photos or videos into one post. You can also add filters, location, and tag people. This setting would then apply to all your photos or videos. Businesses can use this tool to showcase all their products or services.

It can prove as a catalog post for your business. You can give detailed information using this feature. And still, make it interesting. This is one of the many benefits of Instagram. This will surely help you convert your sales and increase the customers.

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7. YouTube Community

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

YouTube is another great app that is used by everyone across the globe. More than 2 billion users watch YouTube in a month. And generate billion of views in a day. Almost 70% of the users watch videos through the mobile app. In this channel, you can upload videos about anything and everything that will help your business. Following are ways to help increase customers using YouTube:

  • Keep short and attractive video titles.
  • Try to make videos of less than 5 minutes.
  • Brand your channel and spread the word. 
  • Share your videos in other media too.
  • Collaborate and work with other YouTubers.

8. YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO helps you optimize your videos. Because this will help to get more viewers to watch your videos. And also visit your channel. The YouTube SEO analytics helps you with data about your channel.

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

It helps to add descriptions, optimize playlists, and your channel overall. Here are a few benefits using YouTube SEO for your business:

  • Get more traffic through paid advertising.
  • Shows you the right length of a video.
  • Make sure your video is attractive enough for the audience. 
  • Choosing a correct thumbnail for the video. 
  • Optimizes the format and quality of the video. 
  • Proper description for the video. 
  • Valid and proper links to your website.

9. Niche-based YouTube channel

This is for users who have a specific target audience. niche-based means you are marketing products of a specific Industry. And keeping in mind a specific target audience. for niche-based marketing, it is good to advertise through Facebook groups. Because you can target those groups that are specifically interested in your product. Points to keep in mind for niche-based marketing :

21 Social Media Marketing Trends
  • Have an interest in the particular subject and topic. 
  • Videos should be that is in demand now. Hence check recent trends. 
  • Be different from your competition. 
  • Follow YouTubers in your niche to understand the trend. 

10. Live – (YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live)

21 Social Media Marketing Trends

Using features like live on social media is a big bonus. It has become the most popular tool for customer engagement. Engaging in such strategies has the following benefits:

  • Live stories are always at the top of the stories feed.
  • Your followers get notified when you start a live feed.
  • The story can still be viewed after the live event has ended.
  • The audience gets to engage in a conversation with you.
  • Personal interaction with individuals. 
  • It is authentic. Customers know you are not a fraud. 
  • Live events always attract more audience.

11. Stories Ad – (YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook stories)

Stories Ad - (YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook stories)

Stories are another great way of attracting more customers. It helps to strengthen your customer base. This feature lasts for 24 hours after you upload it. Hence this helps you to upload new stories almost every day. Let us understand the benefits of social media stories:

  • Draws the attention of the audience.
  • Lasts only a few seconds. So does not take up too much time for the customer. 
  • Helps you get creative with your product or services.
  • You can add videos, images, links, GIFs, etc.
  • Can upload a new story every day.

12. Podcasts


Podcasts are another great way of influencing your audience. So what exactly is this? A podcast is a spoken digital audio file. This can also be downloaded by the user on the phone and can be listened to offline. It is usually a series of talks, with each episode being an average of 60 minutes.

They are simple to understand. A podcast is one of the most informative tools you will find. Various services stream podcasts. And they include a wide range of topics. Benefits of the same are:

  1. Helps increase traffic to your channel.
  2. Builds a better relationship with your customer. 
  3. Very easy to create and to use.
  4. They are very informative.
  5. One of the tools for the highest engagement among your audience. 
  6. Improves your public speaking skills.
  7. Low competition for podcasts. 
  8. Not at all expensive to use.  

Podcast is great social media marketing trends in 2020. I am posting regular updates on spotify podcast.

13. LinkedIn – (Carousel)

LinkedIn is a platform that is very popular these days. It is more of a formal platform. That helps to find jobs, increase your business contacts, etc. It is very popular for building B2B contacts. The LinkedIn carousel helps you tell your brand story. You can use photos, videos, etc. It also helps you add features to these stories.

 LinkedIn – (Carousel)

You can add multiple visuals on this feed, through which customers can browse horizontally. The LinkedIn carousel is a great way to attract a professional audience. Companies such as HP, Volvo, and many others are opting for such marketing tools. 

14. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a platform to attract professional audiences. It has a mix of the youth and the mid-aged population.

LinkedIn Ads

The benefits of using this app to advertise are as follows:

  • Various options to pick your target audience from. (Example – age, qualification, profession, Industry, location, etc.)
  • Helps to collect leads by asking people to fill forms using their LinkedIn profile. 
  • Will help you increase conversion rates.

15. LinkedIn Article

As discussed above, LinkedIn is a very powerful marketing tool. The benefits of posting articles on this app are:

LinkedIn Article
  • It adds value to your connections who view your posts. 
  • It helps make people more aware of your brand. 
  • Notifies your connections whenever you post something new. 
  • Your posts can be shared by others, which helps increase your audience. 
  • Getting published on LinkedIn Pulse helps attract more professionals.

16. Apps like Dubsmash

Apps like Dubsmash

This app is another great tool to attract new customers. Such apps are usually more famous among the youth of the country. So if your target is a young population, this app is the best for you.

It helps you create videos and short clips with a pre-recorded audio.

17. Influencers

Influencers are those people who have expert knowledge in a field or have a big social impact among the people. Such people help to advertise a product for brands. This is known as endorsements. Some great brands that used the technique of Influencer marketing:

  • Mariott
  • Fiji water
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Audible 
  • Daniel wellington, etc

18. Vernacular Language

This means advertising your product in different languages. And not only in English. This type of advertising is especially famous in India, which is a land of numerous languages.

Vernacular Language

The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Helps to connect to all kinds of audiences. 
  • Removes cultural differences. 
  • Removes language barriers. 
  • Reaches an audience that is not very literate. 
  • Connects better. 
  • Builds trust quickly. 

19. Digital Detox

People nowadays depend a lot on gadgets and the internet for their life to run smoothly. Hence many such people try to stay away from the digital world. As much as possible. So to attract such users, you can do the following:

Digital Detox
  • Make content that is top quality. This ensures they do not feel it as time wasted. 
  • Provide tips on how to balance the digital and real world. 
  • Show that you also care about the non-digital world.

20. Social Media store – (Facebook marketplace & Instagram Store)

Social Media store – (Facebook marketplace & Instagram Store)

These kinds of apps and stores allow you to display and showcase your product catalog. The Facebook marketplace also allows you to buy and sell locally. 

21. Integrating YouTube, Podcasts, and text-based SEO

The above mentioned social media tips can be used in a mix as well. To make your brand more attractive you can use a mix of YouTube, podcasts, etc.

Integrating YouTube, Podcasts, and text-based SEO

It is recommended to use the apps together that get you more customers.

I hope the article 21 Social Media Marketing Trends helped you. It mentions the social media apps that will help your business grow further. 

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