Does your business have a virtual presence? 

Do you run most of your business online?

Do you desire to have a website that attracts more customers?

Then read this article, and get to know more about increasing customers on your website. 

In today’s time, we have experienced the development of high-speed internet. Because of this various businesses have gone online. And attract most of their customers through online and digital marketing ideas and tools. This also helps get customers from other cities, states, and countries. And helps the business go global and international. 

However, the first requirement is customers for the business. Hence it is very important to make your website attractive and gain the maximum number of visitors that turn into customers. Because this is what will help your business grow in the long run. So one effective way of doing this is through the introduction of OptinChat on your website

Let me tell you more about setup optinchat in wordpress…

What is OptinChat?

You, of course, have visited multiple websites on your laptop or phone. You may have noticed, that the chatbox appears at the corner of your screen on the website. These chat boxes ask if you need help. Or if you need some new information. Or if you wish to talk to customer care, etc. This is an automated widget that pops up once you open that website this is known as OptinChat.

How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?

This is opted for by the owner of the website, to further help the visitor. It is a great way of capturing the visitor’s attention. Another main aim of this is to try and convert the visitor into a customer. Hence, by asking their preferences, or convincing them to subscribe, etc. Getting visitor’s emails is one of the best ways to grow business. This way you can have a list of emails as your current or potential customers. 

How OptinChats help and benefit you?

  • It helps you convert visitors to customers.
  • Increases your potential customer database. 
  • Reduces service costs.
  • Increases the efficiency of getting customers.
  • Collect customer preferences or customer information.
  • Personalizes your website. 

Now that you have understood what OptinChat is, let me tell you how to set up one. 

How to setup OptinChat WordPress for your website? – A step-by-step guide.

Setup OptinChat in your WordPress blog & obtain your visitors emails free.

1. Log in to

Sign up with your email ID and the required details asked on the sign-up page. 

How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?

2. OptinChat Dashboard

Once you sign up, the next page displayed is the dashboard. From this page, you are required to download the plugin/JS code and install it on your website. 

  • If you have an HTML document – download the JS code link.
How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?
  • If you have a WordPress account – download the WordPress plugin.

3. WordPress Dashboard

Once you have downloaded the plugin from the link, go to your specific WordPress account dashboard. 

  • Once on the dashboard, on the left side menu bar, select ‘Plugins’ and opt for ‘Add new’. 
  • After this click on ‘upload plugin’. 
How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?
  • Further, this will ask you to choose a file to upload. 
  • Once you chose the file, click on ‘Install now’. 
How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?
  • You will get a message on the screen saying ‘Plugin installed successfully’. 
  • Post this, click on ‘Activate plugin’
How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?

Your plugin is activated. And now you can use OptinChat for your website. 

4. Use the OptinChat

Once your plugin has been activated, do the following steps – 

  • Go to ‘settings’ and choose OptinChat. 
  • This will take you to a window asking for the Site ID 
How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?

(To acquire your site ID, visit your page again. On the page where you downloaded the link for the plugin, you will find your Site ID.) 

  • Copy this ID and paste it in the Site ID asked on your WordPress account dashboard.
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  • Save your settings and proceed further. 

5. Creating your page campaign

The first 4 steps above successfully complete your OptinChat installation. Further, you have to choose the questions you want to add to the OptinChat. For this follow the steps below – 

  • Go to ‘campaigns’ in the OptinChat dashboard
  • Select ‘Add campaign’ and choose the appropriate name you wish.
How To Setup OptinChat In WordPress?

Next, you have to fill the details of the photo and questions you want in your OptinChat box.

‘Topbar name’ is the name that will appear at the heading of the chat. This will show the visitor the name of the person chatting in the OptinChat box.

Here you have the option of asking your visitor questions on the following – 

  • The Name of the visitor
  • The Email ID of the visitor
name of the visitor
  • The Phone Number of the visitor
  • Any open-ended question you want them to answer. 
campaign setup

Once you have chosen this save the settings made. 

In the settings menu, you can choose to ‘on’ or ‘off’ the showing of OptinChat on your website. You can also choose to show it on a mobile device or not. 

The ‘statistics’ tab shows you the number of people who have visited the page. Also the number of people who provided their emails and phone numbers, etc. This helps you know how well is your OptinChat working to attract people.

So why wait! Login to the OptinChat website, and create your chatbox. This helps create a good rapport with visitors. So an increase in traffic. Increase in visitors. Convert them to customers. And get your business desired and growing. 

Hurry and set up OptinChat in WordPress!