500+ Profile Creation Sites List 2021 With High DA & PA

Profile link websites have increased user engagement rates on online sites. The profile link has certainly provided better diversity and allows the visitors to communicate with the site in a smoother manner. Profile links are a good way to create a branded anchor text backlink for your blog or website. 

What is a Profile Link? 

The profile link is one of these links, which will come from a website where you create your profile page and mention your website. 

Making a profile on the networking platform is the approach to increase the site’s traffic and achieve to your audiences. Profile creation sites disperse the magic of the profile creation feature, where everyone can create profiles and remain connected with the viewers. 

For example, you can create a profile in Quora or Youtube and mention your website address in your bio. 

Apart from the profile creation sites list, there are some key factors to keep in mind  such as: 

▪ Get quality backlinks on high authority sites 

▪ Enable users to communicate between more sites 

▪ Make your brand presence among multiple platforms 

▪ Improve your social media profile performance 

▪ Gain authority and boost search engine ranking 

▪ Create profiles at free of cost 

Importance of Profile Creation Sites: 

Link building is a very crucial part of off-page SEO. We all know that getting a backlink from high authority websites is good, but it is not considered an easy task to perform. 

This is why profile links are the easiest way to get do-follow or no-follow backlinks to your website’s homepage. This type of backlink will help you increase your domain authority or domain trust. This list of profile creation sites will help you reduce the effort of finding all of these useful sites in one place. 

As we all know, Google never encourages link building. We should rather expect to gain links, but it is not possible to earn links every time. 

You need to write quality content and look for bloggers for quality mentions. In addition to that, you also need to work on building other types of links. 

The next question to be asked is, how to optimize anchor text while building profile links for SEO? 

Another important thing is that, in most cases, profile links are created with brand anchors. For example, if I need to create a profile link for my website, the anchor texts will be as follows. 




This is one of the best ways to get a backlink to your domain and that will never put you in the problem in the eyes of Google. But that does not mean you have to create thousands of profile links overnight with fake information. Try to build backlinks slowly to make them natural. 

How many profile links can I create per week or per day? 

There is no such rule. 

To make blogging a habit that you need to write every day, you need to link through traditional means like blog comments, profile link building, etc. 

Example of high DA Profile creation sites: 

I have shared a huge list of profile creation sites below. Among them, I shared the example profile links that you might need for your own blog. You can go through this list and create your own profile. It does not matter if you get a dofollow or nofollow backlink.

Authority is the new SEO. Although in many cases you will get a do-follow backlink from profile creation sites and sometimes nofollow. 

This will help you keep the natural dofollow/nofollow ratio. 

Quora (https://www.quora.com/

Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/

SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/

HubPages (https://hubpages.com/) 

Tips for using this list of profile creation sites for link building: 

N°1: Make sure you create a profile on good websites as I mentioned in this article.  Do it on an ongoing process. For example, create profile links on weekends, choose 3-5 websites, and create profiles with valid email Ids. You can create a separate email address to build profile backlinks. 

N°2: Make sure you create profiles with accurate information, especially when linking it to your main website. You can definitely use a different email ID for any experimentation website or micro-niche affiliate site. 

N°3: Never use anchor text or optimized keywords, instead focus on building links with branded anchor only. I mentioned it above. 

N°4: After creating the profile, try to contribute to this platform in some way, for example by posting an article, answering a question, etc. 

N°5: No need to forcefully index profile links, let the index naturally. Google has changed a lot in recent years, so no need to fool Google. 

Before reading further check out these posts:

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Whatever you do, it will take time to reflect the benefits, if any. 

N°6: Blogging is an ongoing process and things don’t instantly work out here.  Especially after several Google algorithm changes, you shouldn’t mess with anything.  Let the backlink be created through the profile creation site index automatically or naturally. There are many other things you can focus on to rank your article higher on  Google.

Hope you find this list of profile creation sites useful. Make sure to bond slowly by following best practices. The goal is to build branded anchor backlinks using these profile creation sites. 


Sr.NoSitesLink Type
2smartguy.com Do-follow
340billion.com Do-follow
4adsansar.com Do-follow
5mozilla.org Do-follow
6change.org Do-follow
7almuni.lpu.in Do-follow
8trepup.com Do-follow
9business.com Do-follow
10archive.org Do-follow
11sitepoint.com Do-follow
12houzz.in Do-follow
13chatroll.com Do-follow
14skyrock.com Do-follow
15jazz.net Do-follow
16bagtheweb.com Do-follow
17appearoo.com Do-follow
18sett.com Do-follow
19askmehelpdesk.com Do-follow
20spoke.com Do-follow
21powershow.com Do-follow
22forum.cat.com Do-follow
23interweave.com Do-follow
24designrush.com Do-follow
25burdastyle.com Do-follow
26crowdspring.com Do-follow
27visual.ly Do-follow
28tasteofhome.com Do-follow
29magento.com Do-follow
30ranker.com Do-follow
31angel.co Do-follow
32fanpop.com Do-follow
33manta.com Do-follow
34dalilykos.com Do-follow
35ng4.com Do-follow
36fancy.com Do-follow
37fark.com Do-follow
38codecanyon.net Do-follow
39neocities.org Do-follow
40screencast.com Do-follow
41lockerdome.com Do-follow
42elllo.co Do-follow
43audioboom.com Do-follow
44metacafe.com Do-follow
45diigo.com Do-follow
46moz.com Do-follow
47geniuskitchen.com Do-follow
48phbb.com/community Do-follow
49connect.lulu.com Do-follow
50forum.arduino.cc Do-follow
51slack.com Do-follow
52redbubble.comweb.500px.com Do-follow
53fanfiction.net Do-follow
54imagevenue.com Do-follow
55id.arduino.cc Do-follow
56blogtakradio.com Do-follow
57armorgames.com Do-follow
58piktochart.com Do-follow
59biggerpockets.com Do-follow
60instapaper.com Do-follow
61podbean.com Do-follow
62twitch.tv Do-follow
63weebly.com Do-follow
64fool.com Do-follow
65etsy.com Do-follow
66scoop.it Do-follow
67xing.com Do-follow
68trustpilot.com Do-follow
69dribbble.com Do-follow
70slashdot.org Do-follow
71bloglovin.com Do-follow
72crunchyroll.com Do-follow
73behance.net Do-follow
74fiverr.com Do-follow
75flick.com Do-follow
76rediff.com Do-follow
77xfinity.com Do-follow
78trello.com Do-follow
79salesforce.com Do-follow
80sbnation.com Do-follow
81strikingly.com Do-follow
82wix.com Do-follow
83blogger.com/ Do-follow
84linkedin.com Do-follow
85myspace.com Do-follow
86disqus.com Do-follow
87en.gravatar.com Do-follow
88account.box.com/login Do-follow
89forum.parallels.com Do-follow
90soundcloud.com Do-follow
91themeforest.net Do-follow
92themeforest.net Do-follow
93quora.com Do-follow
94pinterest.com Do-follow
95twitter.com Do-follow
96buzzfeed.com Do-follow
97livejournal.com Do-follow
98minds.com Do-follow
99morguefile.com Do-follow
100slidepoint.net Do-follow
101tracky.com Do-follow
102unsplash.com Do-follow
103vk.com Do-follow
104flattr.com Do-follow
105vizualize.me Do-follow
106globiad.com Do-follow
107amazon.com Do-follow
108aol.com Do-follow
109archive.org Do-follow
110blog.giganticlist.com/ Do-follow
111bloggersroad.com/ Do-follow
112articles.h1ad.com Do-follow
113story.wallclassifieds.com/ Do-follow
114bookmax.net Do-follow
115article.classifiedsfactor.com/ Do-follow
1161look4.com Do-follow
11723hq.com Do-follow
1183000bonus.com Do-follow
11930boxes.com Do-follow
120365pestcontroldreamwidth.org Do-follow
1213dprintboard.com Do-follow
12240billion.com Do-follow
1234networking.biz Do-follow
1244shared.com Do-follow
125500px.com Do-follow
1268tracks.com Do-follow
127about.me Do-follow
128aboutus.com Do-follow
129accounts.craigslist.org Do-follow
130activei.forumcrea.com Do-follow
131addclassified.in Do-follow
132addons.mozilla.org Do-follow
134addthismark.com Do-follow
135addwish.com Do-follow
136adfreeposting.com Do-follow
137adsansar.com Do-follow
138adsoftheworld.com Do-follow
139aeon.co Do-follow
140affilitiated-business.com Do-follow
141aihitdata.com Do-follow
142aileensoul.com Do-follow
143aitoc.com Do-follow
144akonter.com Do-follow
145alcoholink.community Do-follow
146alltrails.com Do-follow
147alpineinfosoft.netboard.me Do-follow
148als.anits.edu.in Do-follow
149alumni.lpu.in Do-follow
150angel.co Do-follow
151anotepad.com Do-follow
152app.bitly.com Do-follow
153appfutura.com Do-follow
154archilovers.com Do-follow
155archive.org Do-follow
156artfire.com Do-follow
157artmight.com Do-follow
158artstation.com Do-follow
159asklaila.com Do-follow
160askmehelpdesk.com Do-follow
161auth.arduino.cc Do-follow
162authorstream.com Do-follow
163bagtheweb.com Do-follow
164bandcamp.com Do-follow
165bbs.phoenixstudio.org Do-follow
166bcmoney-mobiletv.com Do-follow
167behance.net Do-follow
168benchrest.com Do-follow
170bibliocrunch.com Do-follow
171bibsonomy.org Do-follow
172bitrated.com Do-follow
173bloglovin.com Do-follow
174blogtalkradio.com Do-follow
175bookmarkingbase.com Do-follow
176bookmarktou.com Do-follow
177boredpanda.com Do-follow
178brandyourself.com Do-follow
179business.com Do-follow
180buzzfeed.com Do-follow
181buzzsprout.com Do-follow
182cafebabel.com Do-follow
183caithness-business.co.uk Do-follow
184calendly.com Do-follow
185canadavisa.com Do-follow
186cbseguess.com Do-follow
187change.org Do-follow
188cheaperseeker.com Do-follow
189chirbit.com Do-follow
190cityslick.net Do-follow
191classifiedscachevalley.com Do-follow
192clickindia.com Do-follow
193clipix.com Do-follow
194codecademy.com Do-follow
195codeproject.com Do-follow
196colourlovers.com Do-follow
197comfortinstitute.org Do-follow
198community.justlanded.com Do-follow
199community.today.com Do-follow
200completed.com Do-follow
201coolors.co Do-follow
202cosap.org Do-follow
203coursera.orgaccount-profile Do-follow
204crej.com Do-follow
205crooksandliars.com Do-follow
206crunchbase.com Do-follow
207crunchyroll.com Do-follow
208csslight.com Do-follow
209culturadigital.br Do-follow
210czechtribe.com Do-follow
211dailygram.com Do-follow
212dandad.org Do-follow
213darkreading.com Do-follow
214dedaluspress.com Do-follow
215dentons.net Do-follow
216desall.com Do-follow
217designspiration.netsettings Do-follow
218devdojo.com Do-follow
219developers.refinitiv.com Do-follow
220deviantart.com Do-follow
221diggerslist.com Do-follow
222discogs.com Do-follow
223disqus.com Do-follow
224dpreview.com Do-follow
225dreamwidth.org Do-follow
226dreevoo.com Do-follow
227dribbble.com Do-follow
228droidxforums.com Do-follow
229drupal.org Do-follow
230duck.co Do-follow
231duck.couser365pestcontrol Do-follow
232du-in.academia.eduAlpineInfosoft Do-follow
233dupioneer.com Do-follow
234dzone.com Do-follow
235edocr.com Do-follow
236eeweb.com Do-follow
237ello.co Do-follow
238enetget.com Do-follow
239equitynet.com Do-follow
240etchcraftemporium.brandyourself.com Do-follow
241etsy.com Do-follow
242evernote.com Do-follow
243fanpop.com Do-follow
244fearsteve.com Do-follow
245feedsfloor.com Do-follow
246filmsforaction.org Do-follow
247findnerd.com Do-follow
248flattr.com Do-follow
249financial-hub.net Do-follow
250findnerd.com Do-follow
251flattr.com Do-follow
252flipboard.com Do-follow
253follr.com Do-follow
254follr.me Do-follow
255forum.abantecart.com Do-follow
256forum.cs-cart.com Do-follow
257forum.excellent-supply.com Do-follow
258forum.melanomainternational.org Do-follow
259forum.mikrotik.com Do-follow
260forum.peppermintos.com Do-follow
261forum.zentyal.org Do-follow
262forums.envato.com Do-follow
263forums.sentora.org Do-follow
264forums.spry.com Do-follow
265forums.wandboard.org Do-follow
266freelistingindia.in Do-follow
267funadvice.com Do-follow
268funderhut.com Do-follow
269gamedev.net Do-follow
270gameinformer.com Do-follow
271gapyear.com Do-follow
272giphy.com Do-follow
273github.com Do-follow
274goodreads.com Do-follow
275gitlab.com Do-follow
276gopro.com Do-follow
277grabcad.com Do-follow
278gust.com Do-follow
279habricentral.org Do-follow
280hackathon.io Do-follow
281hearthis.at Do-follow
282hireclub.com Do-follow
283holonis.com Do-follow
284hoverboard.io Do-follow
285hub.docker.com Do-follow
286hubpages.com Do-follow
287hubski.com Do-follow
288hungrygowhere.com Do-follow
289huntingnet.com Do-follow
290huzzaz.com Do-follow
291ibegin.com Do-follow
292id.arduino.cc Do-follow
293id.docker.com Do-follow
294idm.xfinity.com Do-follow
295ihubbub.com Do-follow
296imclassified.com Do-follow
297imcreator.com Do-follow
298in.pinterest.com Do-follow
299independent.academia.edu Do-follow
300indiblogger.in Do-follow
301infd.in Do-follow
302infobarrel.com Do-follow
303infragistics.com Do-follow
304inmobi.com Do-follow
305instapaper.com Do-follow
306instructables.com Do-follow
307intensedebate.com Do-follow
308interweave.com Do-follow
309islumped.com Do-follow
310issuu.com Do-follow
311italymagazine.com Do-follow
312itsmyurls.com Do-follow
313jodohkita.info Do-follow
314jofrati.net Do-follow
315jovoto.com Do-follow
316kbforum.dragondoor.com Do-follow
317kickstarter.com Do-follow
318kinzaa.com Do-follow
319kiva.org Do-follow
320knowem.com Do-follow
321knowyourmeme.com Do-follow
322kongregate.com Do-follow
323ksl.com Do-follow
324laracasts.com Do-follow
325last.fm Do-follow
326lawlink.com Do-follow
327lingr.com Do-follow
328linustechtips.com Do-follow
329list.ly Do-follow
330listitsellit.us Do-follow
331listography.com Do-follow
332livejournal.com Do-follow
333lms.biotecnika.org Do-follow
334locanto.net Do-follow
335lockerdome.com Do-follow
336login.aol.com Do-follow
337logopond.com Do-follow
338london8.net Do-follow
339lookbook.nu Do-follow
340loop.frontiersin.org Do-follow
341lymelightwebs.net Do-follow
342machsupport.com Do-follow
343madewithvuejs.com Do-follow
344magnitt.com Do-follow
345maprecord.com Do-follow
346maqtoob.com Do-follow
347mastermind.bizsugar.com Do-follow
348medium.com Do-follow
349meetup.com Do-follow
350melbournebd.com.au Do-follow
351members.adlandpro.com Do-follow
352500px.com Do-follow
353academia.edu Do-follow
354adsansar.com Do-follow
355boxgroove.com Do-follow
356csslight.com Do-follow
357dailygram.com Do-follow
358deviantart.com Do-follow
359edocr.com Do-follow
360expono.com Do-follow
361gapyear.com Do-follow
362hashatit.com Do-follow
363hometalk.com Do-follow
364adsoftheworld.com Do-follow
365bibsonomy.org Do-follow
366bookcrossing.com Do-follow
367boredpanda.com Do-follow
368codecademy.com Do-follow
369codepen.io Do-follow
370codeproject.com Do-follow
371dzone.com Do-follow
372goodreads.com Do-follow
373hubski.com Do-follow
374indiegogo.com Do-follow
375kiwibox.com Do-follow
376measuredup.com Do-follow
377mobypicture.com Do-follow
378realitysandwich.com Do-follow
379wattpad.com Do-follow
380http://weheartit.com Do-follow
381wishlistr.com/ Do-follow
382logopond.com/ Do-follow
383myspace.com/404 Do-follow
384etsy.com/ Do-follow
385patreon.com/ Do-follow
386zotero.org/ Do-follow
387hubpages.com Do-follow
388infd.in Do-follow
389linkbooklet.com Do-follow
390lookbook.nu Do-follow
391minds.com Do-follow
392morguefile.com Do-follow
393myopportunity.com Do-follow
394oercommons.org Do-follow
395seedandspark.com Do-follow
396slidepoint.net Do-follow
397tracky.com Do-follow
398unsplash.com Do-follow
399vizualize.me Do-follow
400vk.com Do-follow
401arduino.cc Do-follow
402bbpress.org Do-follow
403box.com Do-follow
404flattr.com Do-follow
405globiad.com Do-follow
406hoverboard.io Do-follow
407addthis.com Do-follow
409adobe.com Do-follow
410andrey-cruz.livejournal.com/ Do-follow
411aol.com Do-follow
412archive.org Do-follow
413ask.fm Do-follow
414dailymotion.com Do-follow
415designspiration.net Do-follow
416docker.com Do-follow
417forbes.com Do-follow
418home.frontiersin.org Do-follow
419ibm.com Do-follow
420imfaceplate.com Do-follow
421microsoft.com Do-follow
422mindmeister.com Do-follow
423mozilla.org Do-follow
424openstreetmap.org Do-follow
425plurk.com Do-follow
426slideshare.net Do-follow
427ted.com Do-follow
428vimeo.com Do-follow
429webdeveloper.com Do-follow
430wikiocity.com/ Do-follow
431facecool.com/ Do-follow
432wikigender.org/ Do-follow
433business.linkedin.com/ Do-follow
434github.com/devsense/ Do-follow
435wordpress.org/ Do-follow
436blogger.com/ Do-follow
437huntingnet.com Do-follow
438instructables.com Do-follow
439issuu.com Do-follow
440mediafire.com Do-follow
441scribd.com Do-follow
442starlocalmedia.com Do-follow
443tuffclassified.com Do-follow
444forums.adobe.com Do-follow
445myspace.com Do-follow
446account.box.com/login Do-follow
447disqus.com Do-follow
448en.gravatar.com Do-follow
449forum.parallels.com Do-follow
450themeforest.net Do-follow
4514shared.com Do-follow
452kickstarter.com Do-follow
453livejournal.com Do-follow
454quora.com Do-follow
455rottentomatoes.com Do-follow
456theverge.com Do-follow
457twitch.tv Do-follow
458weebly.com Do-follow
459answers.com Do-follow
460evernote.com Do-follow
461forums.lenovo.com Do-follow
462sedo.com Do-follow
463storify.com Do-follow
464coursera.org Do-follow
465liveinternet.ru Do-follow
466scoop.it Do-follow
467symantec.com Do-follow
468trustpilot.com Do-follow
469xing.com Do-follow
470dribbble.com Do-follow
471groups.drupal.org Do-follow
472imgur.com Do-follow
473slashdot.org Do-follow
474us.blastingnews.com Do-follow
475us.community.sony.com Do-follow
476behance.net Do-follow
477bloglovin.com Do-follow
478crunchyroll.com Do-follow
479discogs.com Do-follow
480fiverr.com Do-follow
481flickr.com Do-follow
482http://last.fm Do-follow
483prestashop.com/forums Do-follow
484rediff.com Do-follow
485reverbnation.com Do-follow
486technologyreview.com Do-follow
487xfinity.com Do-follow
488us.viadeo.com/en Do-follow
489knowyourmeme.com Do-follow
490trello.com Do-follow
491salesforce.com Do-follow
492sbnation.com Do-follow
493strikingly.com Do-follow
494simplesite.com Do-follow
495audioboom.com Do-follow
496flipboard.com Do-follow
497kinja.com Do-follow
498seekingalpha.com Do-follow
499bleacherreport.com Do-follow
500crunchbase.com Do-follow

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