Instamojo is a platform that helps to start selling your products or services on the go.

It empowers MSMEs to build their business over the internet by providing an easy to use marketplace which is also customizable.

Instamojo Payment Gateway

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Just one step away from selecting the right software

  • Trusted by more than 5 million users across the globe.

People can run their business by showcasing their products and services in a hassle-free manner and can make money. 

The company offers a payment gateway and e-commerce platform to collect payments, create free online stores, ship products and get loans. Instamojo Technologies are operated in India and the United States.

Instamojo was started with payment links i.e. a simple URL that one can copy and paste anywhere on the internet and receive payments online via any payment mode. And today, it enables people to have a platform where anyone can open their own online store, following very simple steps.

This is the most simplest and affordable e-commerce platform in India which is trusted and used by over 20 lacs of people, running their business.

This app is easy to use and reliable and they power businesses of different sizes which grows with the company eventually.

Instamojo Pricing 

You can start your business with zero investment. Complete payment solution for businesses with zero set-up cost. There is no maintenance cost as well. They provide financial technology solutions and it is a great way to collect payments easily through online mode. The company follows a simple and transparent pricing. 

Instamojo offers a very competitive pricing that could match your business needs. There are a variety of plans designed according to your suitability. These plans include : 

Type of plans in Instamojo

Standard Plan – This plan is designed for startups, small and medium enterprises.

Enterprise Plan – This plan is designed for larger volumes.

Instamojo Offers

Instamojo presents many offers and exciting deals for its users. 

There are a wide range of products in Instamojo, i.e.: 

Instamojo Free Demo Period

Instamojo is a multi-channel payment gateway for India which collects payment SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and so on. It offers bank level security to its users which includes 128-bit encryption. The users can easily create payment links and share with their customers to get paid. 

Users can get alerts and notifications related to their transactions and business management. In-built analytics enables users to track the growth of their business and the area of improvements. This feature helps users create invoices and payment links to collect payments from customers.

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Instamojo helps individuals to manage their transaction details with the help of transaction data management feature. This gives users more useful and easy ways to collect their payment or dues. By using this feature, one can add payment buttons on their own websites so that the integration can take place. Companies can manage transactions with multiple bank accounts using this feature.

It’s pricing is available on request. One must request for the price in order to get the details. There is a option called the Dispute Resolution Centre where users can manage and resolve any issues related to the transactions. 

The application offers many useful tools that can help manage and expand a small business. Some of its advanced features are the invoice generator, payment request, business card maker, sales auto export, generation of QR code, etc.

In order to get a free demo, you have to schedule a free demo session with a software expert of the company and you can have the session when you desire for it; According to the date and time that is suitable for you. 

Thus, you can switch to Instamojo for your startups and business plans and avail a number of rewards and offers waiting for you. Get easier with Instamojo and join it quickly with zero investment. Make hassle-free payments and take your business to the next level. 

Trusted by more than 20,00,000 businesses, Instamojo is one of the best platform of payments gateway. Sign up and get started in just two minutes. Instamojo is providing you several features you are looking for. So, if you want to do your business digitally, then install Instamojo now and sign up for free.