How to start a blog the most basic information one should have What is a Blogging?

A blog is a website that contains written content about something. The blog is generally a piece of written content that could be information. In addition to this, a blog can be thoughts of an individual, the latest trends, and more.

Beginners Guide To Blogging

Blogs also include food and fashion trends. With the evolution of the 21st-century. And the generation moving towards a digital age. The world has shifted from paper media to electronic media. As a result, the present new generation is more likely to read online news and blogs.

Blogging is a very good career opportunity for people. For blogging one should have a creative mind and thoughts. Many people tend to choose blogging as a career option and even excel in this field. There are many successful bloggers in India to name a few Harsh Aggarwal, CEO Shoutmeloud.

Shout Me Loud: Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a true inspiration for wannabe bloggers. A little bit about Harsh and his blogging journey. He was an engineer and placed in an MNC. Harsh started blogging as a hobby. Later he started loving it and understood the importance of blogging. While he was working in a call center and doing blogging at the same time.

Shout Me Loud: Harsh Agarwal

He realized that blogging can be taken up as a career. Harsh then borrowed some money from a friend to purchase hosting for his own website. Therefore just like that in a one-bedroom apartment in Delhi, he started his website “Shout me loud”. His story is surely inspirational and motivating.

For people who are looking to start a career in blogging this article is for you. One can start Blogging as a profession or as a hobby. Blogging is simple and easy. All you have to do is write your thoughts in a good way. In this blog, we are going to discuss some steps on how to start a blog. This article is for people who are looking to start their first blog. Here are some ideas and steps to How to start a blog. So Let’s start.

Why to start blogging in 2021

The first question is why to start blogging in 2021. According to me 2021 is the best year to start a blog and grow it. If you are thinking of starting a blog now is the time. As in every profession, there is competition. At the same time, there is a competition in blogging also. So as it is said the earlier the better to start a blog. There are many benefits to starting a blog.

Firstly, Blogging is a platform that helps you and allows you to express yourself. You can express yourself properly by writing your thoughts to your audience. Secondly, you can gain fans and help others. You can help readers with your content. Readers who like your blog will become your fans and eventually wait for your blogs. They will always be there for your support.

This is the thing about blogging you get many virtual fans. Fans or readers you never met in real life but virtually are always there with you. Thirdly, Blogging helps you to make money online using Ads and marketing. These are some main reasons why you should start blogging in 2021.

  • STEP 1: Select a Perfect Topic For Your Blog
  • STEP 2: Select a Blogging Platform
  • STEP 3: Select A Domain Name For Your Website
  • STEP 4: Get Yourself A Web Hosting Account
  • STEP 5: How to Start A Blog On WordPress
  • STEP 6: Select a Theme and Design For Your Blog
  • STEP 7: Write Your Blogs and Promote them
  • STEP 8: Make Money By Writing Blogs

STEP: 1 Choose The Right Topic For Your Blog

The first step in How to start a blog is to choose the right topic.

STEP: 1 Choose The Right Topic For Your Blog

Another word for the topic used is Niche. This is the most important part of starting the blog.

This is the most important step. The Topic or blog niche which you will pick is the marketing you will be targeting. Select a topic you are passionate about. The topic you choose should be of interest. You should be passionate about the topic.

It is also important that the topic you choose should be interesting enough. In addition, people should search for those topics related to your niche. You can choose any Niche as per your wish.

The famous Blogger Harsh Agarwal created his site and chose the niche as ” Shout me loud”. Therefore it is very important to choose a perfect niche for your blog. A nice and catchy niche will help to gather and attract more readers for your blog.

You can research and select a perfect niche for your blog. The first step should be done properly. The next step after selecting the niche is to validate the niche. A 3 step to validate your niche is as follows:

1. Check the Size

2. Explore competitors

3. Analyze monetization potential.

This 3-way process will help you to choose the best niche for your blogs. Before choosing the best niche go through all these steps. Using these 3 steps you can obtain a good size and competition for your proposed niche.

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STEP 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

STEP 2: Choose a Blogging Platform
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After the first step, the second step is also very important. For blogging, you need a platform. A platform is very important to choose before starting your blog. Before starting the blog you would need to look at the best blogging platforms present online. In addition, you will need to determine the type of blog management software. There are basically two ways to make your blogs.

1. Self – Hosted Blog Solution:

Self-hosted blogs are free open-source software. This free open-source is basically the software that is free of cost. This software is easily available on the internet. Anyone can download these and use these without payment. For those people who want to start blogging just as a hobby.

This is the best platform for those free of cost blogging. The most popular free hosted platforms are and A self-hosted blog allows you to set up and run your own blogs using your own domain. You can even earn money from ads and marketing.

2. Hosted Blog Solution:

Well free things have their own disadvantages. Firstly the blog name will be set as a subdomain name. Secondly, there will be many terms and conditions and policies while using free platforms. So if you are serious about blogging. In addition to this, you are looking forward to taking blogging to a professional level.

You should go with the hosted blogs. In Hosted Blog you would need to pay for full services and domain name. This software provides you with various useful methods while writing blogs. Some of the services are readability check, spell check, SEO checking, and many more. WordPress is the best site. They have very good software and hosting.

STEP 3: Pick a Domain Name

STEP 3: Pick a Domain Name

The third step in how to start your blog is to select a domain name for your blog. A domain name is a name by which your blog will be known on the internet. This does not depend on the niche you will choose. It’s your blog’s unique address on the internet. For example the name of the search engine is google.

There can only be one domain name. This means that there cannot be another present on the internet. Once you get your own domain name you can start blogging. Readers who know your domain name can simply type it into their browser’s address bar. Readers who are not aware of your blog can easily discover you from search engines such as Google and Bing. Therefore, One needs to find a Unique Domain name.

The best site in India to get your own domain name is GoDaddy. You can check the availability of your domain name using GoDaddy. At just Rs. 99 one can get a domain name. Your domain name can be a “dot com” or it may be region-specific. For example, for India, the domain name ends with “dot in”. Usually, it is better to go get a “dot com” as the domain name because it is very popular.

Using go daddy you just need to type the name of your domain and check its availability. Buy the domain name and you are all set to go.

STEP 4: Get A Web Hosting

STEP 4: Get A Web Hosting

The fourth step in how to start a blog is to get web hosting. Choosing a reliable hosting service is the most important decision to make. The functionality and performance of your site depend on your blog hosting. The Webhosting ensures that your site is available 24×7 to potential readers. In addition to this, it is the place where your content is stored online.

Most web hosting also provides a 1-year free domain. The disadvantage of choosing the wrong web host can cause a lot of problems. It can delay your content. If the site goes down users would not be able to see your blogs. So it is very crucial to select a reliable provider. You can buy web hosting on GoDaddy, Hostinger, and Bluehost.

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STEP 5: How to Start A Blog On WordPress

STEP 5: How to Start A Blog On WordPress

WordPress is the most popular site. For people who are looking to blog this site is the best. Once you create your account you can start posting your own blogs there. Here is a guide to starting your first WordPress blog.

Step: 1 Open the site

Step: 1 Open the site

Once you have opened the site The first thing you will see is the option “Create your site”. Click on that option to start your site.

Step 2: Register on WordPress with your Credentials

Step 2: Register on WordPress with your Credentials

when you click on the button “Create your site”. The page will redirect you to the registration page of WordPress. There will be a form with three fields. The first field asks you to fill in your email address. The second field is to fill in your username which you can choose any. The third field is to fill your password. After this click on the button creates your account.

Step 3: Log in to Your WordPress Account

How to start blog in 2020

Once you have created your account you need to login to your account. Fill in your login credentials that are your email address and your password. If you have entered your correct login credentials. You will be directed to the dashboard of your WordPress Account.

Step 4: Write your First WordPress Blog Post and Publish it.

Once you have successfully managed to log in to your account. The last and final step is to write and publish your blog post. On the dashboard, you will see a column of quick links, and there you will find the option  “Write your Blogpost”. Click on that option and you will be directed to a new page. There is an editor present in which you can write your content.

WordPress has a lot of software. This embedded software will automatically check your readability and SEO. Your work and content will be auto-saved every time you write something. You can save your drafts. Once you have completed your blog you can publish it. The Blue color button helps you to publish your blogs.

How to start blog in 2020

So here are the four easy steps to write your first WordPress Blog. Just follow these steps and write your own blogs. You can get your WordPress account free of cost. But if you are looking to take blogging as a Profession. Then you can easily buy WordPress Subscription for more services and tools. If you are pursuing blogging as a hobby the free WordPress is best for you.

STEP 6: Select a Theme For Your Blog

Now that you have successfully created your blog. You need to find a design and layout for your blog. You can easily set up a new WordPress theme.

How to start blog in 2020

Step 1: Inside the WordPress Dashboard

you will see the “Appearance” tab, click “Themes”. You can choose any themes from these and many themes are free of cost. There is a collection of themes on WordPress.

Therefore, you can select any attractive and relatable theme and use them in your blogs.

The look and feel of your blogs depend upon the theme. The readers will first notice the overall appearance of the blog. Before even looking at the content. Select a theme that looks good and also matches the content of your blog. Here is a three-way process to choose your theme.

1. Read the description:

The description is the full information about the theme. This includes the features and functionality of the selected theme. Going through this description can help you understand what the theme is all about.

2. Preview the theme

Preview here is referred to as a demo of the theme. One can see the layout and design of the theme using the preview option.

3. Check the rating:

How to start blog in 2020

The last step is to check the rating of the theme. Rating is done using stars. The rating can be used to analyze how many people like that particular theme.

If you follow this three-way process one can easily get the best-suited theme for their blogs.

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STEP 7: Write Your Blogs and Promote them

How to start blog in 2020

The seventh step is to write your content and Promote your Blog. From the above steps, we have successfully established a domain name. In addition, choose your blog hosting site, select the blog theme, and you are all set to go. Now comes the moment to learn how to write blog content. Blog content is the useful information you share on your blogs. The content you write should be valuable. Therefore, the content should be attractive so that readers would come again for your blogs. Here is 3P’s for your content making.

1. Point:  The main idea and point you are covering.

2. Prove: Prove your idea using examples.

3. Perform: A simple way to execute your idea.

Using the 3P’s you can write excellent content for your blogs.

In addition, to promote your blogs. It is very important to promote your blogs to reach readers and the public. You can do this by

1. Share your Blogs with your Friends and Family.

2. Share your blogs on social media platforms.

3. Social media has a huge base and a place to gain readers.

4. Submit your Blogs on a Search engine.

5. Submit your blogs to bookmarking sites

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STEP 8: Make Money By Writing Blogs

How to start blog in 2020

Once you have written enough blogs it is time to earn some money through Blogs. The process of translating your blog activity into earning is called Monetization. Blogging is not about making money. Therefore, using blogging one can make money also. After doing blogging for a long time and creating great content. By giving enough time to blogging you can create a strong reader’s base. As a result, you have many followers and visitors to your blogs. You could consider adding content that can generate income. There are some ways you can earn money using blogging.

1. Sponsored Posts:

Advertising companies are looking for paying sponsored posts on your blogs. These posts are used for the promotion of products or services. The advertisement of products and services is a way to earn some additional money using blogging.

2. Running Ads on your Blogs:

You can earn money using Ads. One of the best ways is Google Ads. Running Ads can help you earn money.

3. Selling your products and Services:

If you are into a small business or in e-commerce. You can use your own platform or your own blogs to promote your business and products.

4. Enrolling in Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate programs are ways for teaming up. The teaming up is usually with retailers to do promotion of their products and services.

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So here is the guide How to start a blog in 2021. Just follow all these steps and you can become a blogger.

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