Commenting, reviewing, feedback have forever been vital for each content creator like bloggers, YouTubers, video creators, photographers, etc Commenting are a few things that you just categorical, say, write to specific your opinion.

you’ll be able to comment regarding your observation, your remark, or your criticism. There square measure varied ways in which to put in writing a comment, to elucidate it, to specific it. There square measure varied forms of comments that folks write or use to put in writing.

I will be able to be explaining to them as we tend to move forward during this article. Commenting is incredibly vital for content creators as a result of it helps you to correct your mistakes.

Importance of Commenting

I know you want to be thinking that, however, will we tend to increase our traffic by commenting on somebody else’s post or diary.

Let Pine Tree State tell you the key to the present trick and the way to use it. So, 1st of all, if you’re a keen observer, you want to have discovered that a lot of content creators and particularly bloggers treat different people’s blogs.

The explanation behind this is often to extend the traffic of their dairy.

For a great deal of your time, the audience has been reading comments once prying on the content. Whenever AN audience sees a gorgeous or funny comment by a creator then they click on the content creator’s user-id and eventually the traffic on the diary of that content creators. currently, you want to have understood what proportion comment is very important.

Consistency to Comment on Other Blogs

Consistency is incredibly vital to extend the traffic through comments.

If folks see your comments perpetually on each different website, then mechanically the traffic on your diary can increase. Commenting helps you attract traffic to your diary.

Tips Comment on Other Blogs

  • Try to be the primary commenter on the post.
  • Try to write an in-depth comment.
  • Write wise and informative comments.
  • Use polite language solely.
  • Engage in a very healthy discussion by writing smart comments.
  • Follow DoFollow comment links.
  • Use formal words and phrases.
  • Don’t use informal language.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Practice smart and substantive commenting.

How to Write Comment on Other Blog

So, for this, first, you wish to apply a way to write a decent and substantive comment. So, here I’m the traffic on your diary.

Whenever you add a treat somebody else’s post, clearly mention no matter you wish this person’s post therein comment it ought to show why you made the decision to treat this explicit post, what did you wish regarding it, etc. forever bear in mind one issue, details square measure forever welcome.

always remember to elucidate your comment well, write on your feeling towards that post.

Effective Comment on Other Blog

If you post one thing, then mention it whereas commenting on other’s posts. this may facilitate folks to urge to grasp regarding your content and your post.

This may eventually increase the traffic on your diary or post. Effective commenting is incredibly vital to realize traffic on your diary or post.



  • Positive comments
  • Positive comments
  • Uplifting comments
  • Honest comments
  • Apologize
  • Clarify actions
  • Helpful comments
  • Motivating comments
  • Respectful and sort words


  • Don’ts
  • Hit on ladies.
  • Hit on men.
  • Beg
  • Long and to not the purpose comments
  • Curses and insulting words in comments.
  • Negative words.
  • Put links within the comment

When you take into account commenting, then confine mind the regular ethics. it’s smart to possess quality comments due to the openness of search engines.

Comments will increase your link-building rank, skillful standing, PageRank standing, and far a lot of SEO-related searches. If you’re getting to comment, then you want to 1st learn and train words with ethics.

Silly mistakes that ought to be avoided

  • Never use faux names for fun or the other reason or funny nicknames.
  • Never over-optimize along with your keyword within the “name” section.
  • Never use a full name as their username.
  • Using faux or inactive email addresses.
  • Using an email address that’s not that utilized in media platforms.
  • Using totally different emails or accounts whereas commenting.
  • Writing comments that aren’t associated with the subject.
  • Writing spam comments.
  • Don’t copy and paste a piece of writing and use it as your comment
  • Don’t write a one-phrase comment.

Recommendations on Blog Comment

Never treat blogs that has spam comments. strive to not post a generic comment. Most of the time these comments have less or no price in the least.

Don’t use your links within the comment. Most of the time they won’t be approved. ne’er use your keyword in situ of the name. check that the comment is a minimum of one hundred words long.

The longer the comment, the better. try and mention the highlights of the content, if potential. it’s a pleasant apply to raise an issue within the comment. this fashion it helps your comment to show a discrepancy from the group.

Diary commenting is one in all the simplest ways in which to urge backlinks. merely head to the websites that have enabled the comments feature. Comment along with your website URL, once approved, you may get a backlink for a similar


So, these were my concepts, suggestions, and solutions to become a much better commenter on blogs and use it for our profit.

Diary commenting could be a superb thanks to bring referral traffic to your diary. As I said, if you’ll be able to write a decent comment then several readers of that post can realize it attention-grabbing and positively can wish to explore a lot of regarding you.

And plenty of them may visit your web site after you mention the URL whereas commenting. Last however not least, diary commenting plays a really vital role in link building.

Though they supply nofollow backlinks, however it’s terribly essential to balance the magnitude relation of dofollow vs nofollow and to stay the link profile natural.