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Web Hosting + Free Domain

  • Premium Web Hosting for at least 12 months
  • get a free .COM domain for the first year.
  • Free SSL
  • Cloudflare included.

Are you unable to decide on the right hosting company for your website?

Hostinger is a web hosting company.

Not able to decide the right hosting website for your company?

Get to know Hostinger’s plans, prices pros and cons. Decide yourself! This article will give you each feature that Hostinger provides impartially.

Web Hosting is an essential part of your website. Most people don’t realize it, but this is a basis for how your website is often ranked.

The Uptime, features, and such will depend on the web hosting you have chosen. So, read through the article and decide for yourself if you have found the right hosting!

But before that, what is web hosting?

Now, most people may very well be wondering what Web Hosting is. It is very necessary for the web traffic that you could get entangled in. So, what is web hosting? Review

In literal words, it means hosting space for cached files and admittance to websites. The web hoster make your website resources (Images, links, codes, etc.) visible to the viewers out there who are going to view your website!

Now that you know what web hosting is and why it is so important, you will want to read this article. Here, I have given you a detailed review of one such hosting: Hostinger.

Hosting plans and their advantages:

Hostinger has 3 plans available for the customers: Single, Premium, and Business.

The single plan comes with 10GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, 1 email account, and support for a single website. This is enough if you want to showcase the creativity of production skills for your website. Review Cheap Hosting

The advanced plans come with

  1. More websites
  2. More storage for your SSD
  3. Free emails, SSL, and Domains
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth and Databases
  5. Managed WordPress and Acceleration WordPress
  6. GIT and SSH access.

Another exciting feature that Hostinger has is hPanel, replacing the usual control panels. hPanel is equipped with all of the tools you will need to use.

Similar to the control panels used, hPanel provides more acquisition and ease needed to operate the tools. Review Cheap Hosting

Frequently ranked as one of the top web server technology, LiteSpeed provides the ease and smoothness needed.

You should definitely activate the LiteSpeed catching function, known as LSCache. Copies and Business pages will be cached, reducing delivery times to visitors.

Favorable Features

✔️ SSL Certification

Today, SSL is needed in everything you do, whether you know it or not. Hostinger provides SSL with all plans available and ready to view.

✔️ WordPress

Once you take up the plans provided, WordPress is provided free with Hostinger. WordPress handling by Hostinger is one of the most recommended ones.

✔️ Shared Hosting Service Speed

Recommended for its amazing speed being a host, reviewers are firm in confirming that Hostinger really does work fast and saves a lot of uptime.

Despite offering shared web hosting services, the efficiency and speed are recommendable.

✔️ Online Store Hosting

With Marketing ideas, inventory management, shipping and delivery solutions, and many such features, online store managing becomes very easy.

Unfavorable Features:

1. Frequent Pop-ups
Hostinger has a very sustained system right from when you sign up to hosting your website. The problem is that they constantly push you to upgrade your plan and purchase extra features suggested. So, although the price is very less at the beginning, for better performance, you will have to purchase these features.
2. Doubtable Guarantee
When you initially sign up for the website, you are given a full money return guarantee. When you take them up on it though, you are given a very vague legal document that denies any such returns. Read our post on the importance of Privacy Policy to further understand why this is necessary.

The Economical Factor

As mentioned earlier, Hostinger is highly preferred because of the plans it provides. Hostinger comes as one of the cheapest website-building options available today. In 2021, it comes as a surprise that you find website builders with $0.99 per month.

In an experiment conducted by Website Planet, 30 experts signed up for Hostinger and tried out every feature available, compared loading speeds and service care. They compared the found results with sites like SiteGround and InterServer. Hostinger was found better than these sites with lesser prices.

However, the quip here is that Hostinger wants you to sign up for the long term. They give you a lot of incentives for the 4-year plan. The good thing is that the 4-year plan is very economically conservative, it is comparatively one of the best deals out there amongst other websites.

Customer Reviews

The average rating by customers is 4.9 stars out of five. A lot of customers sign up because of the cheap prices but continue with the plan because of its strategized incentives and offers. Review Review Cheap Hosting Review Cheap Hosting Review Cheap Hosting Review Cheap Hosting Review Cheap Hosting Review Cheap Hosting Review Cheap Hosting

Most customers have given very good reviews. The most appreciated feature is the speed, commending the web hosting.

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Other Hosting’s offered:

Hostinger offers 5 types of sharing: VPS hosting, Shared-Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Minecraft Hosting.

Cloud Hosting: Review

Cloud Server Hosting, basically, taps into a lot of servers and hosts the website. So, even if one server fails, your website is not affected. A lot of different computers are interconnected. The main benefits seen are:

  • Easy scaling
  • More uptime
  • Dedicated IP address and
  • Isolated resources.

Minecraft Hosting:

Minecraft hosting servers are majorly only for player-based or multi-player-based companies. Here, you can share your Minecraft experience. As Hostinger mentions, “reboot the server, install new web scripts, or make a real-time change in passwords quickly and conveniently.”

The various perks seen are

  • Easy setup,
  • DDOS Protection,
  • Frequent and easy Backups,
  • Free MySQL,
  • Modpacks and plugins, and
  • Fast SSD.

VPS Hosting:

While being costlier than shared web hosting, Virtual Private Server comes all together with its own advantages.

Hostinger shocks us again with its offers and resources. It has 6 Linux-based VPS plans and 4 windows based plans.

Hostinger’s VPS plans, all slightly different from each other, each one offering slightly more than the previous one. Choose the plan according to the need of your company.

WordPress Hosting:

Check out the review written about SiteGround WordPress Hosting written earlier on our website, and find other options for WordPress Hosting.

For professional bloggers or extended company websites, this will be the best Hosting. Hostinger customizes your WordPress needs specifically and hosts the website.

Continuous fine-tuning is given to the WordPress database. Features that WordPress offers are:

  • LightSpeed Enterprise servers,
  • WordPress accelerators,
  • Jetpack Plugins,
  • 24/7 support,
  • 1-click WordPress Install, and
  • SSD storage.

The plans offered are, as the customers say, some of the finest and cheapest you will find at the quality available!

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