Camtasia is one of the best software out there. With amazing reviews and lots of benefits, it is easily ranked in the top software. That, however, does not have to mean that everyone is comfortable with it. You might want to start looking for alternatives if you are not too comfortable with Camtasia.

6 best free alternatives to Camtasia

Read on to explore the 6 best free alternatives to Camtasia for Mac and Windows. Before that, it’s essential to know what Camtasia is.

Camtasia Alternatives Of 2021

Camtasia is a screen recording and video-editing software. For professional and personal use, this site is often suggested. The best tools of Camtasia are:

  1. Effects
  2. Menumaker
  3. Player
  4. Recorder
  5. Producer

There are many other features that Camtasia provides. However, you may want to find an alternative that is cost-effective and has viable features. So, read on to find the various alternatives and their pros and cons.

1. Wondershare Filmora X

Having personally used Filmora, I’d say it is a very good option.

Camtasia Alternatives Of 2021

Wondershare Filmora is agreeably one of the best FREE alternatives for Camtasia. Filmora is most recommendable if you want to record your screen for youtube videos and postings. It lets you record many things simultaneously. This could be very helpful in making youtube videos.

The best thing about Filmora is the endless features it provides. The various features provided really are amazing! Effects, transitions, audio tracks, text options, and elements. They are all unbelievable!

Camtasia Alternatives Of 2021

Customers have rated Filmora very generously. It has received amazing comments. You can download the free version, where you can make videos for your channels and personal uses.

This free version is quite enough for a lot of people. But if you do decide that you need a higher version, you can always buy the premium version. The features that I like best about Filmora are:

  1. Easy to learn for first-timers. (Tutorials are provided)
  2. Multiple settings and options for becoming pro.
  3. A lot of resources available to learn from and use.
  4. A good place to start from.

As expected, there are definitely a few cons to watch out for. There are a lot of promotions for extra features and options. This proves to be a little irritating while using the software.

There’s often a lag in the video. There appears to be a lot of flickering before it can be viewed. There are various features that are available only in the premium version. Some of these features are, in fact, very basic. Features that other sites offer free.

Aside from these, Filmora really is one of the best alternatives to Camtasia you will find for Windows.

2. Smart Pixel

Camtasia Alternatives Of 2021
Supports all file formats: MOV, MP4, and MV4 High Prices for customers
Multiple screen recording allowed Performance in recording gameplays was questionable.
D3D Recording technology available Slow producer mode
Recommendable camera mode Frequent technical issues.
Allows you to directly upload the video to youtube.

Overall, Smart Pixel is definitely an alternative for Camtasia. However, it is not very compatible with windows according to users.

3. Snagit

Snagit is one of the most popular alternatives to Camtasia for Mac users. Snagit has various features that cause ease of use for Mac users.


  1. Game/Screen recording
  2. Fast sharing and exporting system
  3. Easy to adjust and modify
  4. Tutorials and guides provided for first-timers
  5. Captures/Images and screenshots easily made, exported, and imported.

4. Screencast-O-Matic

Camtasia Alternatives Of 2021

Suitable for Mac, Windows, Android and Chromebook, Screencast is a very preferred alternative.

Screencasts are a new concept that you may not have come across before. You can think of screencasts as screenshots, with audio narrations in the background. Hence, they are mainly used for educational purposes. Tutorial videos, Guiding videos, or even conceptual videos. These are all what screencasts are best known for.

  • Ease of use for users
  • Screen and webcam can be recorded simultaneously
  • Simple to control and learn
  • Various formats to convert the video to
  • Uploading to Youtube is quite easy and simple
  • Editing tools are many and all satisfy your purposes

Screencast-O-Matic has received good comments on all rating websites. With ratings between 8-10, Screencast has been highly ranked.

5. OBS Studio

OBS Studio homepage

OBS allows you a generous amount of customization even in the free package. With unlimited tools and device access options, OBS studio works well with Windows as well as Mac.

Allows customized backgrounds Less storage space on RAM memory
Can be converted to different formats very easily Multiple devices cannot be networked.
You can make your plugins from wherever you want. The user interface could be organized and arranged better.
Because of great customer reviews, the brand has a great brand reputation. Frequent technical issues
The quality of the videos is very high. Frequent promotions and updates shown

6. Fraps

Fraps Home page

Fraps is most compatible with Windows. This site is mainly used for gaming videos and gaming recording. The application can be used for games that have inbuilt OpenGL and DirectX technologies.

This is not a very favored alternative of Camtasia. For gamers, however, this is THE site! Gamers have been using this site for a long time and have been giving amazing reviews and comments.

The maximum supported resolution is 7680×4800 and that makes it the ideal site! Capturing screenshots at any time you want is also ideal for a gamer. You also have performance trackers that help you improve your game and features.

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These are various alternatives that have worked for many people and been useful to many individuals. Camtasia may not have worked for you. Try these alternatives and let us know whether this article helped you!

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