What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the selling of something which takes place with the help of devices like mobile and laptop.

As digital marketing involves the use of mobile and laptop it has been there for years. People have now started purchasing things online.

These things sold online need to reach people. Digital marketing helped them to buy things. Digital marketing has become the most important part of any business. From small businesses to large businesses all are dependent on Digital marketing.

Digital marketing creates a bridge between producers and consumers. Due to the digital marketing of any business people are more likely to come across the business. Digital marketing draws the attention of people towards the products.

Every business concentrate on digital marketing and spends a large amount. This is the reason digital marketing is the fastest growing industry today.

There are some people who have worked hard in the field of digital marketing. These people with their determination and hard work have become successful.

Their journeys and struggles are a great inspiration and motivation to today’s youth.

Here is the list of top 10 marketing experts in India. So let’s get started.

1. Pradeep Chopra


Pradeep Chopra is the CEO of Digital Vidya. Digital Vidya is a leading digital marketing and Data Analytics training company. Pradeep has been working in the digital marketing sector since 2000.

He has been an entrepreneur for the last 17 years. Pradeep is an IIT Delhi graduate and a recipient of Adobe Content 100. He is also an international speaker in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Digital Vidya provides a platform to learn about Digital Marketing through  Courses. Institute has changed the fortune of 38,000+ Professionals from 55+ countries in the last 10+ years.

2. Jitendra Vaswani

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Jitendra Vaswani is the CEO of BloggersIdeas, his blogging page. BloggersIdeas his blog is one of the top-ranked blogs in the country. He was the ex-Brand Ambassador of Payoneer (International Payment Solution Company).

Jitendra is also a Digital Marketing Speaker, life coach, and Motivational Speaker. Jitendra has more than 6+ years-long expertise in Digital Marketing.

He is the author of the book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies.

He has trained people to date and has been conducting digital marketing workshops. His ultimate goal is to help people build business through digitization.

3. Harsh Agarwal


Harsh Agarwal is the Founder of “ShoutMeLoud”. He started blogging on a free blogging platform and was writing about technology. Harsh was 22 years old when he realized that blogging could be a great career opportunity.

To start his blogging career, he borrowed a credit card from a friend to buy hosting online. Harsh Agarwal is a B.Tech graduate from Sharda University and placed in Accenture. He started blogging as a hobby and now making millions using blogs.

He has also worked in a call center in his early days before becoming a full-time blogger. Harsh launched his website ShoutMeLoud.in December 2008.

At that time he was living in a one-bedroom apartment in Delhi and at the same time working in a call center.

His site ShoutMeLoud won the “Best India blog by Indiblogger”. He gave his first international speech at the conference held in Las Vegas, USA. Blogging is a very important and crucial aspect of digital marketing.

He is an inspiration for today’s youth.

4. Rohit Onkar


Rohit Onkar is an experienced digital marketing professional. He is also a leading business leader and trainer in the field of digital marketing. Due to deep knowledge and years of experience in this, he is serving the corporate industry. Rohit’s job is to deliver services in the field of digital marketing.

He is currently the AVP- Digital Marketing of  Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt Ltd an MNC based in Mumbai. His role in the company is to oversee daily digital marketing campaigns execution.

Rohit has successfully set up processes at scale and led them to the desired goals. Rohit performs the responsibility of planning the entire marketing budget for retailers.

5. Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain is the founder and CEO of “Shoot Order”. His company Shoot Order, a full-service digital marketing company based in Hyderabad, India. His company is a top-ranked digital marketing company with clients across the globe.

He is one of the best digital marketing consultants in India. Shoot Order is the best in Content Marketing, SEO, PPC Advertising & Social Media. Rajat’s company Shoot order is the reason behind the success of many internet start-ups.

Rajat is also the director of the Ivent IT Solution Private Limited, a premier company based in India. ShootOrder is a subsidiary of Ivent IT solution private limited.

ShootOrder provides services like Email Marketing, Web Design, and web hosting. ShootOrder’s digital marketing services also include Facebook and Twitter apps development.

6. Himanshu Arora

Social Panga

Himanshu Arora is the Co-Founder of Social Panga. Social Panga is a leading social media and digital marketing agency. He has completed his graduation from the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

Himanshu is working as a digital marketing professional for 16+ years. He has been in the industry as a leading digital consultant and as a digital trainer.

He mixes traditional techniques with new digital information in a more effective way.

Himanshu has worked with the biggest brands like LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and more. Due to his experience as a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has worked with big companies and MNC.Also with big brands like Bajaj Auto, Wipro, and  Reliance, Sony, Tata Motors, Canon, Aditya Birla, and more.

Himanshu has conducted innovative digital marketing workshops for 75+ companies.

He has implemented – digital and social marketing plans for some of the leading brands. Himanshu has an understanding of how users interact with online content. And according to that he design interfaces and create digital experiences.

7. Lakshmipathy Bhat

lakshmipathy Bhat

Lakshmipathy Bhat is Vice President – Marketing Communications in Robosoft Technologies. Robosoft Technologies is in Bangalore, Karnataka. He is a marketing communication professional.

He has vast experience in advertising agencies in South Asia. Laskshmipathy has worked with demanding FMGC and service brands.

Lakshmipathy Bhat has led agency profit centers with a successful track record in business growth in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bangalore.

Lakshmipathy Bhat has also worked with big brands like Sara Lee, P&G, BAT, GSK, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, and ITC Foods and more. Laskshmipathy is an MBA in marketing and an engineer (CS). Lakshmipathy is a contributor as a columnist and guest blogger at leading publications.

He has also worked as a visiting faculty at IIFM Business School, Bangalore. Laskshmipathy is currently working as a VP in Robosoft Technologies. Robosoft expertise in emerging technologies such as AR, VR, Blockchain, Chatbots, and more. 

8. Kunal Choudhary

Kunal Choudhary is the founder of the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. He has more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked for top brands. Kunal has completed Masters of Business Administration from Amity University.

Kunal also provides consultation in the field of web designing. Also in Facebook advertising, online marketing strategies, and more.

He has also provided internet marketing services to top brands Flipkart and Myntra. Kunal has been a part of the industry since 2009 and given his expertise in the field of marketing.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing provides education in the field of  Digital marketing. Delhi  School of Internet Marketing also provides Social media marketing and Freelancing Projects, Also Google Web Analytics Training, Email marketing, and more.

9. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the Founder of Digital Scholar, a company based in Chennai, India. He has completed his masters from Leeds university business school. And a bachelor’s in biotechnology from Loyola College, Chennai.

Digital Scholar builds digital culture, Digital Design, Digital Analytics, and Digital Research. Digital Scholar also helps to create Industry Vertical Specific Digital Marketing Programs.

Sorav is also the CEO of echoVme. echoVme provides Social Media Marketing strategies for some leading corporate and personal brands. He is the key organizer and host of Search Summit 2010 and Social Media Summit India 2011.

Sorav is also a Social Media Marketing Trainer. He has experience in training individuals in the field of Social Media Marketing. He has also appeared as a guest Lecturer at Vellore Institue of Technology (VIT).

Sorav has also been a Visiting Faculty at Madras Advertising Club. Sorav is also an active PETA Activist and has volunteered in various events.

10. Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of iGenaro, a company based in Hyderabad, India. iGenaro is a digital interaction studio specializing in product development, design & digital strategy.

He is also the Co-founder and CEO at SocialSamosa. Social Samosa is a leading digital publication And is the go-to destination for all the things digital in India.

Aditya is a former Business Analyst Associate in Azri Solutions. Aditya has completed his bachelor of technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University.

His website the Social Samosa was among the top 5 digital Startups for IDMA 2013. Social Samosa was also awarded as the Blog of the year at WAT awards 2013.Aditya has awarded as the Young Achiever of the year by CMO Asia in 2016.

He has also appeared as the guest lecturer at renowned institutes such as IIT, IIM, BITS, NMIMS, ICFAI. Aditya has also featured on various media platforms like BBC Radio, CNBC TV, The Hindu, and  Times of India.

So these were the Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts in India. Their journey is inspirational and tells us nothing is impossible. To build your career in Digital Marketing here are some references you can go through

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