Businesses and technology have grown manifolds in the last decade. Nowadays we see everything taking place with the click of a button. Whether it is shopping, getting customers, and so on. Considering how technology and digitization have become a major part of our lives, we cannot afford to stay away.

And hence it has become the need of the hour for every business and entrepreneur to adapt to technology. And the changes it brings along in the way we work.

New learnings and courses on such developments will help your business in the future. (For example, go look up Digital Marketing courses in Pune), and see how it helps your business.

Digital Marketing is one such technological development. This new concept in business has brought changes we would never have imagined. Businesses are now able to go global without many efforts. And with hardly any restrictions.

This new technological idea is a boon to the business community. And hence getting oneself comfortable such technological changes is very important. 

So aspire to learn more about such developments that will help your business grow. Because technology helps your business in more ways than you can imagine. Digital Marketing is one such aspect this article will inform you about. 

A recommended way to get comfortable with digital marketing is to take courses on the same. And to do this, this article will tell you about the Digital Marketing courses offered in Pune. 

1. Digital Vidya, Pune


This is one of the first institutes to offer digital marketing courses in Pune. They were established in 2009 and since then offering courses. It is the only institute that offers a government certified digital marketing course. They are also in association with Google and Microsoft as a training partner. They have a panel of experts to conduct classes on these courses. 

The following are the courses that they specialize in – 



– Email Marketing

– Inbound Marketing

– Web analytics, and many more. 

In order to know more and get in touch with them, check out the following details –


Contact: 8010033033

Email ID:

2. Academy of Digital Marketing, Pune

This is another great institute that offers digital marketing courses in Pune. They help students to learn advanced level of digital marketing subjects. Their courses range over a period of 2-3 months and cover all the important topics under Digital marketing. 

Their range of subjects cover the following – 

– Website planning

– Inbound marketing

– Email marketing

– Facebook marketing

– Social media marketing

– Google Analytics

Affiliate marketing, and many more. 

To check out more courses by this institute, visit their website and contact them,


Contact: 7030235214

Email ID –

3. EduPristine

This is another great and well-known organization in the field of digital marketing. They provide an intensive course of 150+ hours of leaning, covering 35+ modules. The course covers a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. And thus provides you with the hands-on experience required in the field. 

Following are few of the topics covered in the training sessions – 

– Web Analytics

– SEO – (On-Page Optimization)

– SEO – (Off-Page Optimization)

– PPC Marketing

– Social Media Marketing

– Content Marketing

– Mobile Marketing

– Funnel Creation and Optimization

In order to know more about the institute and the courses offered by them, refer to the details below –


Contact – 1800 200 5835

Email –

4. Victorious Digital

This is an institute that offers digital marketing courses in Pune. And has branches in PCMC and Deccan Gymkhana. It is one of the best places to go to if you want to get a piece of in-depth knowledge about digital marketing. And all the concepts that prove important while using digital marketing. They provide a wide range of certifications. 

The courses taught by them include – 

– SEM/ Google Ads/ PPC 

– SEO and Advanced SEO training

– Email marketing

– Big data training

– AI/ Machine learning

– Data science training

And many more… 

They have courses for an average of 2 months. And for the comfort of working professionals, they also conduct classes on weekends. And also have online training. They have a variation in the fee structure according to the course you choose. 

For further information on their courses, log on to their website or call on their number.


Contact: 9545022110

Email ID:

5. School Of Digital Marketing

This is another great place in Pune to gain in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. This institute has various branches in Pune one can choose to learn from. Another great feature being, they have courses structured specially for working professionals. They have a range of 12+ great faculty members experienced in this field. And they have a wide range of courses to choose from. That would cater to every interest of an individual aspiring to learn. 

Their range of courses include – 

– Online courses for digital marketing. 

– Advanced courses for working professionals

– WordPress courses

– Brand management courses 

To start learning with them, visit their website, contact them, and start the learning journey. 


Email ID:

6. School Of Internet Marketing

This is another great institute in Pune, which has branches in PCMC and Pimple Saudagar. This organization is known to provide courses, especially in digital marketing.

They have a wide range of courses that include subjects like – 



– Google Analytics

– Website planning


– Google Search Console, etc. 

Their courses are for a duration of 2 months on average. And they also provide specialized courses for working professionals, by conducting weekend batches. Their fee structure differs based on the course module that you choose for yourself. 

To know more about them and the courses they offer, refer to the details mentioned below – 


Contact: 8956609996

Email ID:

So get out there, and get started on your digital marketing course. Because the courses offered by these institutes and anything but ordinary. 

So get started, and become and digital marketer expert!