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ChatGPT - The Complete Guide

10x your productivity by using ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs efficiently,
Includes prompt templates & hands-on examples

Maximize Your Productivity with AI: Discover the Full Potential of ChatGPT in Our Comprehensive Online Video Course!

Are you prepared to tap into the remarkable capabilities of ChatGPT? Your search ends here! Explore our course, "ChatGPT Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs," the definitive resource for mastering this groundbreaking technology."

Embark on an Immersive Journey of AI Discovery with Our Comprehensive Course:

Unlock the Fundamentals: Delve deep into the realm of ChatGPT, GPT models, and Large Language Models (LLMs). Grasp the scientific underpinnings and mechanics driving these advanced AI systems.

Essential Proficiency: Command the ChatGPT interface, its pivotal features, and the art of crafting both fundamental and intricate prompts. Equip yourself with the essential skills to excel in the AI-powered landscape.

Prompt Engineering Expertise: Elevate your AI experience by mastering both basic and advanced prompt engineering techniques. Create optimized prompts that yield precise results.

Real-World Utility: Uncover the diverse applications of ChatGPT, from expediting daily tasks to conducting research, generating content (including blog posts, tweets, and more), coding, and beyond. The possibilities are limitless!

App Development Magic: Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your app and program development, even without prior programming knowledge. Unleash AI’s potential to craft innovative and potent solutions.

Elevate to a 10x Developer: Already versed in programming? Fantastic! Discover how ChatGPT can accelerate your day-to-day tasks. Leverage ChatGPT for development, debugging, refactoring, and more!

Insider Insights & Techniques: Gain access to a treasure trove of insider tips and tricks for seamless ChatGPT interaction. Maximize your efficiency and productivity with these expert insights.

Hands-on Exercises & Real-world Examples: Apply and reinforce your knowledge through immersive real-world examples. Build websites, games, web APIs, blog posts, and much more!

Prompt Templates: Harness and fine-tune a variety of pre-built prompt templates to save time and instantly boost your productivity.

Master OpenAI’s APIs: Learn the intricacies of working with OpenAI’s APIs and leverage them to create your own AI-powered applications. Unleash the full potential of AI in your projects.

AutoGPT Automation Mastery: Explore the use of tools like AutoGPT to construct automated AI processes and workflows. Streamline your work and let AI take the lead in handling complex tasks.”

Course Curriculum


1. Welcome To This Course! Preview

What Is ChatGPT & Why Should You Care?

3. ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus vs ChatGPT Enterprise Preview
4. ChatGPT vs Bard vs Bing Chat Preview
5. About The Course Preview
6. Module Introduction (1:10)
7. ChatGPT, GPT Models & Large Language Models (LLMs) (4:10)
8. LLMs & Neural Networks (2:09)
9. The ChatGPT Training Data & Understanding Tokens (2:26)
10. It’s All About Word Prediction! (3:11)
11. Model Finetuning & Moderation (2:23)
12. ChatGPT Limitations (4:33)
13. Limited Context & Token Limits (3:03)

Module Introduction

15. A Tour Through The ChatGPT Interface (8:04)
16. GPT Model Versions & ChatGPT Plus (5:44)
17. Writing Prompts – The Basics (6:05)
18. Editing Prompts & Regenerating Responses (5:27)
19. Beware of Hallucinations (2:38)
20. Continuing Output Generation (1:47)
21. Introducing ChatGPT Plugins (2:12)
22. Module Introduction (0:43)
23. Prompt Engineering: What & Why? (1:55)
24. Prompt Engineering & ChatGPT Custom Instructions (2:52)
25. The Core Elements Of A Good Prompt (4:01)
26. It’s a Chat! Use it! (3:00)
27. Which Context Should You Add? (3:22)
28. Time To Practice: Your Tasks (1:45)
29. Zero-, One- & Few-Shot Prompting (3:59)
30. Using Output Templates (2:19)
31. Providing Cues & Hints To ChatGPT (2:04)
32. Separating Instructions From Content (2:13)
33. Ask-Before-Answer Prompting (4:15)
34. Perspective Prompting (4:09)
35. Time to Practice II: Your Tasks (3:29)
36. Time To Practice II: Solution (1/3) (2:02)
37. Time To Practice II: Solution (2/3) (1:59)
38. Time To Practice II: Solution (3/3) (2:13)
39. Contextual Prompting (3:21)
40. Emotional Prompting (1:41)
41. Laddering Prompting (4:13)
42. Using ChatGPT For Prompting (3:03)
43. Find Out Which Information Is Missing (2:01)
44. Self-evaluative Prompting (1:34)
45. ChatGPT-powered Problem Splitting (2:07)
46. Let ChatGPT Share Its Thought Process (4:19)
47. Reversing Roles (3:07)
48. More Prompts & Finding Prompt Inspirations (2:31)
49. Super Prompts Like CAN & DAN (2:39)
50. Module Summary (3:41)
51. Module Introduction (1:19)
52. Researching Information with ChatGPT (4:19)
53. Summarizing Text & Information (3:29)
54. Translations & Tone Adjustments (4:09)
55. Using ChatGPT for Proofreading (3:32)
56. Writing Utility Scripts with ChatGPT (5:55)

57. Module Introduction (1:14)

How Amazing Articles Can be Generated with ChatGPT

59. Creating Articles – Step-By-Step (3:01)
60. Using a Single Prompt to Create Articles (3:58)
61. Finding Creative Titles & Summarizing Text in Seconds (2:09)
62. Brainstorming Content: Articles, Blog Posts, Deep Dives & More (2:30)
63. Writing Professional (YouTube) Video Scripts with ChatGPT (4:15)
64. What is Copywriting? (2:12)
65. Using ChatGPT as Copywriter (4:55)
66. Boosting Your Social Media Accounts with ChatGPT (3:56)
67. Preparing Interviews (3:25)
68. Revolutionizing_Job_Related_Writing (2:56)
69. Writing_Outstanding_CVs_Cover_Letters_for_Your_Next_Application (3:12)

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Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma
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"ChatGPT - The Complete Guide" Video Course is a must-buy. It's well-structured, covering the basics to advanced topics in conversational AI. The instructor's clarity and ethical focus make it a trustworthy choice. Highly recommended for anyone serious about AI.
Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel
Read More
Investing in "ChatGPT - The Complete Guide" Video Course was worth every penny. The content is comprehensive, and the hands-on exercises build practical skills. The instructor's support and community engagement add immense value. A solid buy for AI enthusiasts.
Arjun Gupta
Arjun Gupta
Read More
"ChatGPT - The Complete Guide" Video Course is a game-changer. It caters to all skill levels, and the ethical AI perspective is commendable. Whether you're new to AI or experienced, this course is a valuable investment in your knowledge and career.
Recorded Video

Covering basics to advanced topics for a well-rounded understanding of ChatGPT.

Practical Approach

Gain real-world skills through hands-on projects and exercises.

Expert Instructors

Learn from AI professionals who have hands-on experience with ChatGPT.

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Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

The course comprises multiple modules, and the total duration varies depending on your pace of learning. On average, students complete it in 7-8 hours.

No specific prerequisites are required. However, a basic understanding of AI concepts can be helpful.

Yes, You can access the course on mobile device

You’ll need a computer with internet access and a code editor for certain sections. Specific software recommendations are provided in the course.


Yes, you can download course materials and resources for offline reference.

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