The bulk SMS service providers aim at reaching out to as many customers as possible in the shortest duration. And it is one of the most famous means of marketing communication in India.

All the customer base ventures, be it a startup, entrepreneurship, businesses or as such, are defined by their potential of managing to provide services to customers.

In that way, these firms need to have adequate knowledge of leading bulk SMS service providers. Which is the core motive of this article, to provide you with that knowledge. Out of many such bulk SMS service providers, the listed below.

Here are 7 top bulk SMS service providers list in India:-

1. SMSHorizon

India’s no.1 leading Enterprise smshorizon provides you with the best experience of sending over 5 lakh messages by hitting the send button once. One can send a customized reply, OTP, notifications, coupon offers, advertising messages, in a huge number, and receive thousands of messages every minute. It helps you gain the attention of your customers.

SMSHorizon best bulk sms service provider in india.

Also with around 3000+ customers all over India, it explains the worth of using its services.

2. Msg91

Msg 91

Msg91 emerges as the second enterprise that provides a customer base with all its desires of connecting with its customers. It helps to spread personalized marketing messages, transactional notifications, protect logins with opt, and so on. Its data-driven SMS helps seek the attention of a large number of customers.

Also, it provides almost 30,000 transactions every minute. But, because of its high pricing, it is more feasible for big businesses. The ones which are capable of putting certain money at the initial stages of their ventures.

3. TextLocal

Text Local

Now comes the another most preferred bulk SMS service provider in India. With the use of this, one can manage to convey more with SMS attachments by inserting images, videos, PDFs, or short links and bolster their services.

Not only small ventures but also big businesses like BookMyShow, and banks like ICICI banks are making good use of their services. Relying on good safety terms provided to make customers believe in it.

4. Spring Edge

Spring edge allows you to connect faster and easier with a myriad of customers. It provides multiple channel connectivity, authentication, voice, and SMS APIs and it’s a developers-friendly, bulk SMS service provider. Small startups can head to it to get the best services given.

5. Gupshup


Comparatively the oldest one, and trusted by leading businesses such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Paytm, and many others. Gupshup having its headquarter in San Francisco, California, provides its services all over India and also in the UK and US. It gives SMS, emails, IP messaging, chatbot, and Teamchat services to the users.

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6. Kaleyra


Trusted by zomato, Flipkart, UBER, and many other such best in industry names. Kaleyra in India, is a merger made in 2018 of Italian based ubiquity and Indian based solution Infini.

Kaleyra provides its users with SMS messaging, emails, chatbot, push notifications. You can do voice calls for travel & tourism, educational institutions, Healthcare, and many more.


Bashsms can be called the cheapest bulk SMS service provider feasible for those who are starting with their small startups.

With bashsms, one can get in touch with huge customers with user-friendly interfaces and can send bulk SMS effortlessly.


With the current time, approaching more use of technology, anybody who is aiming to have their business. You must know how to reach the maximum customers possible. And above are some best service providers to make use of.

With this, we have managed to give all sorts of information about leading bulk SMS service providers in India. To avail yourselves of their effortless service to gain as good as possible in your small or big ventures.

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