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Recommended Books for Digital Marketing

dotcom secret

1. Dotcom Secret

The author of this book is the renowned Russel Brunson. He is the CEO and co-founder of the multimillion-dollar software company ClickFunnels.

This book is not about creating traffic on your website. Rather it provides insights to ensure that this traffic gets you the customers. He writes this book from his success in finding and retaining customers. The book circles around the funnel approach. It explains how to change your prospective customers into your current customers.

Expert Secret

2. Expert Secret

This is another book by the author Russel Brunson. Where he talks about how to expand your business, and make sure it is a success. He talks about two main concepts here.
One, Selling Information Products.
Second, Leveraging Information Products to grow an existing company.

Traffic Secret

3. Traffic Secret

This is another great book in the series by Russel Brunson. Every year there are an uncountable number of businesses that start. So how will you put your business on the map? How will you gain customers? How will you attract customers to buy your product/service?

This book is an answer to all such questions. It helps you understand your dream customer. The kind of customer you desire for your business. How to attract this specific kind of Audience and so on. This is how the book helps you create traffic for your business and website.

The Funnel hacker’s cookbook

4. The Funnel Hacker’s cookbook

Another insightful book by Russel Brunson. This book focuses on how to create sales funnels. The book teaches you how to use Software to create funnels. It proves as a recommendation to those who are entrepreneurs and want to grow their business.

Making a funnel page for your business is easy. But making one that proves to be profitable is the real task at hand. So divulge into this book, and learn one of the most important concepts for marketers.

Permission Marketing – Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

5. Permission Marketing – Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

The author for this book is the renowned Seth Godin. He achieved fame as ‘the entrepreneur for the Information age’.

In this book, he talks about traditional marketing becoming obsolete. Calling prospective customers often and disturbing them is frowned upon. He terms this as interruption marketing. Rather he focuses on showing entrepreneurs how to identify the interested customers. And then pursue them and build strong future relations. He calls this Permission Marketing.

6. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

6. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

The author of this book is the legendary copywriter, Joe Sugarman. In this book, he gives the readers details on how to write a copy. A copy of advertising and marketing. That will entice, motivate, and attract people to buy your product and services.

The Wizard Of Ads

7. The Wizard Of Ads

The author of this book is Roy. H Williams. In this book, he talks about how the advent of technology has not changed much around. Even though it has helped us in many ways, some things remain traditional. For example, the way people think, what motivates them, what attracts them, and so on. Hence he says that behavior of the future is predictable, keeping the past trends in mind.

Crushing It

8. Crushing It

The author of this book is the well-known Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a New York Bestselling Author and has appeared on the charts four times. In this, he gives principles that are important to follow today. Also, those that remain timeless and will always remain crucial.

Another bonus for the readers? He gives innovative tips and tweaks to make the most out of the tried-&-true strategies of a business. One of the most influential and recommended books of the 21st century.

9. Introduction to algorithmic marketing

Authored by Ilia Katsov, the book informs about a different aspect of marketing. Surely it talks about marketing and advertising. But more so from a technological point of view. It talks about various techniques adopted by marketing and advertising agencies.

And then it glues these methods into this one book. But with an added touch of economic theories and machine learning. This book would prove more beneficial to data scientists, software engineers & marketing strategists.

The End of Marketing

10. The End of Marketing

This is a great book written by Carlos Gil. It tells you how the traditional methods of marketing have become obsolete. He also gives ideas on how to understand your target audience & recognize them. Beyond that, he explains how the trends are in this new age.