If you are looking for 7 best free WordPress themes which are lightweight and SEO friendly, then this is the perfect article for you.

I have really great options to suggest. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization.

SEO means development of quantity and quality of website traffic on a website or a web page.

Top 7 Best Free WordPress Theme

Light weight themes are themes which make your site superfast and all this is created within few clicks! You must be knowing already how perfect WordPress is, in everything. Now, let’s turn towards today’s main topic.

SEO Agency

My first recommendation for lightweight, SEO friendly and a free theme would be SEO Agency. SEO Agency is a free WordPress theme with modern functions.

Seo agency wordpress theme

This theme has drag and drop function as well. In this function you just need to drag any element or block and drag it and drop it where you are writing your blog.

This theme of WordPress has one of the cleanest designs you will ever come across.


My second recommendation would be SEO WP. SEO WP is theme more focused on material design, it is a basic and clean interface with simple functions.

There are many functions in this theme which will make your site super active and which will increase the traffic as well.

SEO WP Theme

This theme automatically removes extra cache files from the site to maintain the speed of the site, loading of the site, etc.

 This theme is very reactive. Even though this theme is simple, its benefit is that it gives superfast loading power to the website and suer fast optimization.

Everything is carried through SEO that is search engine optimization. This theme can be used for all kind of web pages. This theme is compatible with all kind of SEOs.

Schema Theme

My third recommendation would be Schema Theme. Schema theme is the fastest SEO friendly WordPress theme. This theme has one of the best Google ranking as well. 

Website speed matters a lot. Nobody likes slow loading website. Slow websites increase their bounce rate which will affect their growth.

Schema Theme

Google has announced that website loading is also considered as one of the factors for the ranking. The good site of this theme is its ad management, social buttons, styling options, performance, settings, etc. The list is never ending.

This theme has variety of colors. This theme has higher chances of earning through ads as well. What else do you want! I would definitely recommend you that you should go for this theme.

SEO Press

The next suggestion from my side would be SEO Press. As you can see from the name, this theme is the SEO friendly theme which you have been looking for, this whole time.

This theme is super responsive towards SEO. It has super optimization power. 

SEOPress Theme

We can use this theme for innumerable purposes. It has great structured data implemented on it because of this it increases your websites ranking! Yes!

You read it correctly! Yes, it does increase your website’s ranking and this is definitely a plus point. This theme uses latest version and is fully responsive towards all kind of devices. 

SEO Writers Blogily

The next theme is SEO Writers Blogily. This theme is also one of the best SEO friendly theme. As you must have guessed it from the name, this theme is specially created for writers and bloggers.

SEO Writers Blogily

This theme is more suitable for travelling, artistic, food, entertainment, photography kind of blogs. People who are creative, then this theme is perfect for them.

This theme takes just few minutes to respond, that’s why this is one of the lightest themes of WordPress. It has child theme as well, but it is only available in paid version. This is the only difference between paid and free version.


This recommendation from my list is kind of a unique recommendation. The name of this theme is EcoCoded. The uniqueness of this theme is that this theme is focused more towards nature.

Encodede theme

Yes nature! This is one of the rare themes in the blogging world which focuses on something different. This theme is a fresh theme.

It was released recently, on December 2020. Ecocoded theme helps to solve issues on climate’s heavy fluctuation.

Theme decreases power usage or you can say battery usage of your device. Ecocoded theme is very natural and simple, it has no framework or fancy animations.

According to the other half of the name of this theme which is coded. It has reduced and compressed code. 

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Astra SEO

The next recommendation is Astra SEO. Astra SEO is another free theme of WordPress. Astra SEO has experienced millions of downloads till now.

Astra SEO

It is a strong and highly customizable theme of WordPress. It is used to create numerous types of websites.

The reason behind the big number of downloads is its affordable pricing, web page loading speed, smooth use, support, highly customizable, etc. Astra is a free theme of WordPress. 


The alternate option of Astra theme is Divi. So, my next recommendation is of course Divi. This theme is a multi-purpose theme.

DIvi Theme

Like most of the other themes, even this theme has drag and drop function. There 40+ web page modules available for you. These modules make everything easier.

Divi is a theme as well as builder that’s why you will have to buy it as both. It provides 100s of templates as well. You can try it for free, it does give you a free trial period plus it has a 20 percent discount offer as well. 


From SEO Agency to Divi, each and every theme is unique in its own way. All of them are very easy to use, powerful and light weight, SEO friendly as per the requirement of this article’s title, I think all of these are a proper package to develop one’s site.

So, these were my top 8 recommendations for the best free light weight and SEO themes of WordPress. I hope these recommendations help you to create a better web page.

This article is all about best free themes for WordPress that are lightweight and SEO friendly. I have given detailed explanation about selective themes which I prefer and a lot of tips and tricks. I hope you find this article helpful.