Businesses today run only because of the customers they are able to attract. The success of a business is mainly defined by the number of customers they have. And how many of these customers is the business able to retain. Therefore, at any point in time, every business thinks about strategies to attract more customers. 

Generate B to B leads in LinkedIn Using

B to B Leads

B2B, which is known as Business to Business is one of the strategies to attract customers. It includes targeting businesses that can be your potential customers in the future. Once they start the sales process in your company, they remain for a long time with your business. This is known as B2B leads for your business.

A lead is when a company or an individual shows interest in the product or service that your company offers. 

However, it must be noted that creating B2B leads is not an easy task.

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You need to ensure that you manage to create high-quality B2B leads. It is only through good quality leads that you can create a good sales pipeline for the business. Getting leads, of which less 50% turn into the customers is a waste of time.

How to become efficient at creating B2B leads for your business?

Let me tell you about one such tool that has become very popular for B2B lead generation. You have all heard about this site that is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has proved to be very effective. That is helping drive almost 80% of B2B leads.

Generate B to B leads in LinkedIn Using

A research was conducted recently that stated that LinkedIn is the most preferred social media tool for all business owners and CEOs. This data will tell you how effective LinkedIn is as a tool. Moreover, it is strictly a professional platform. And hence it is the best tool for businesses to attract customers, without wasting time on other social media activities. 

With LinkedIn, you have a wide range of customers to target. Right from business owners, to small companies, to big brands, etc. Because they have a wide range of almost 400 million users. For effectively attracting customers on LinkedIn, you can do the following.

Generate B to B leads in LinkedIn Using

Have a very attractive LinkedIn profile. And keep upgrading it with time. Research your target audience well before contacting them. Try and join groups where you have potential customers. Constantly market and advertise yourself and your company. 

GETPROSPECT – Another tool used with LinkedIn to increase lead generation for your business.

I have informed you about the LinkedIn platform as a tool for attracting leads. Now let us look at an additional tool called Getprospect which helps you to create leads for your business using LinkedIn. 

What is GetProspect?

It is a platform that helps you generate more leads. How does it help?

It provides you an email finder software. This software provides the user with leads that include names, email IDs, LinkedIn profile, website, Industry, and so on of an individual. Through this, you know better which company or which individual you want to target for a potential customer.

Generate B to B leads in LinkedIn Using

This tool was introduced in 2016 and has been a success ever since. The customers using GetProspect are very happy with it. Users find it easy to implement, easy to use, and cost-effective. They have also mentioned how the sales rep has gone up by almost 50% within just 2 weeks of time. The subscriptions for the same start at a price of $49 per month to the highest being $399 per month. 

Generate B to B leads in LinkedIn Using

Using GetProspect for leads generation is quite an easy task. You have to just input a few fields. Fields such as the Industry you are targeting at. The lead country, the company size you want to target. The company domains, and even the actual company name. 

The information that you get through GetProspect would include –

  • The company name 
  • The company profile
  • The physical address of the company
  • Contact information of their office
  • Email IDs
  • Company Size
  • The number of employees they have, etc.

Let me tell you some of the features of GetProspect for LinkedIn – 

LinkdedIn Lead Generation
  • It helps you by grouping the extracted profiles into lists. This makes it easy for you to filter only those profiles you have a keen interest in. 
  • You can extract these profiles into other apps such as Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Allows you to sync the data with more than 750 such similar apps.  
  • You will also be able to extract these files into a normal Excel file and save it for future reference. 
  • The best feature being, you can import the files in bulk. 
  • Another great feature being. It detects the profiles that are fake or fraud and removes them from your list. This further enhances the customer experience provided by GetProspect.

I hope reading this article has helped you gain more information about how to increase leads for your business. And how you can use GetProspect for LinkedIn to help attract more potential customers to your business in the future. 

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