Let’s start with the basics. To affiliate means when a person or an organization signs a contract with a larger company or a larger organization regarding a project.

What Is Affiliate Booster?

The affiliate booster theme from “Kulwant Nagi” is specially made for affiliate marketing. Now I will explain to you exactly what is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Booster Review

So, affiliate marketing means marketing where the business gives rewards or money to the affiliates who bring customers or visitors to their business.

They give money or rewards to the affiliates based on their performance in the business and its marketing.

Scope Of Affiliate Marketing

In today’s marketing world, affiliate marketing has become an important part of it. Affiliate marketing is one of the creative businesses in the world.

There will be many people around you who are working as freelancers, working full time or part-time as their job in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Booster page speed

People are earning a lot from affiliate marketing. People preferring to earn through affiliate marketing usually want to experience a different type of business and want to experience its boon and bane.

Affiliate Marketing is a market where you don’t even own the product, but you earn money through it. 

Affiliate marketing has become a new way of advertising and promoting the business, and affiliate booster has become its backbone.

The Affiliate Booster helps your website by making it more informative and attractive with few efforts and lesser time. It is a box full of tools. 

About WordPress

Kulwant Nagi” creates the affiliate booster theme for WordPress websites. It is a theme as well as a plugin. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that doesn’t charge anything and is open-source. It is free for all users. It is open-source software.

Affiliate booster logo

This software can take your blog and website one level up. Previously WordPress was a blog supporting software, but now it has evolved with various themes, attractive templates, plugins, etc. One of the best and most reviewed themes of WordPress is affiliate booster.

Why Affiliate Marketer Use Affiliate Booster Theme?

Affiliate booster is a theme that increases the traffic on your blog. It is a specially built site that is designed for affiliates, give your website a professional finishing. They gives your website a strong look.

Affiliate booster is a new theme launched by WordPress in the whole market. It is a combination of Theme and Plugin that give ultra-powers to your website.

Affiliate booster

There are various blocks in the affiliate booster through which you can customize your blogs. 10+ blocks are available on this theme like pros and cons, notice block, comparison table, etc. There are various editing options inside every block.

This booster also provides various ready-made headers and layouts. This saves a lot of time. We can use this booster through androids as well as iPhones.

Top Feature Of Affiliate Booster Theme

Many people are using affiliate booster themes for their affiliate marketing because this theme is showing its results. Let’s explore and learn about this theme’s features.

Affiliate booster Theme

This booster makes your website load fast on all kinds of devices. With the help of this, you can check how your site performs, you can check the speed of your website, and if it slow, you can find the reasons why your site is slow.

This booster calculates your site’s performance. It suggests various opportunities through which you can increase your traffic.

For instance, they may suggest you should eliminate render-blocking resources, and you should improve your real-world speed data, focus on audits, etc.  

Features Of Affiliate Booster

It gives you a free one-month trial period, where you can analyze and explore the booster before you buy it. 

Ultra Fast Loading

Affiliate booster has super fast loading speed. Website loading speed is very important factor in seo.

These is light weight theme for load website fast.

Affiliate Booster Review Ultra Fast Loading

 Schema Optimized

Schema Optimized Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster has fully schema optimized theme of WordPress. Schema is really important for SEO to get best results.

Mobile Responsive

Affiliate Booster Mobile Responsive Site

 In 2021 mobile responsiveness is very important. In compared of Laptop’s & PC’s peoples use mobile and smartphones.

Google also prefers to mobile indexing first. Mobile Booster theme is 100% mobile friendly.

Effortless Customization

Many themes has limited customization options. In affiliate booster very simple drag & drop system easy to use.

Affiliate booster has magical feature to customize website.

Compatible with famous page creators like Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc. 

 Pros and Cons Block

In Affiliate Booster Plugin you can add attractive pros and cons of any product and service.


  • Best Blogging Theme For WordPress
  • Compatible with Thrive Architect


  • Zero Cons

 Booster Comparison Table

Affiliate Booster comparoson Table

 Call to Action Block

Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin

Get Started with our Powerful WordPress Plugin.
25+ Pre-Made Gutenberg Blocks for Affiliates
Say bye-bye to heavy page builders, and create stunning designs with the default WordPress editor.

 Button Block

Affiliate booster provide you best design of button to increase click through rate.

Button has simple and attractive design. You can customize button as you need.

 Star Rating Block

Start Rating get you add star rating of any product & Service, also you can customize star rating from your need.

Table Of Content

Table of content is the best feature of plugin. In other theme doesn’t have table of content feature.

This theme not need any outside plugin for table of content.

Top Pick Block

 Notice Block

In notice block really unique box to use in blog post. You can check example below.

Are you confuse till now for affiliate booster theme?

 Notification Block

Here is notification block for eye catching section for a blog.

Here is a Notification Block

This is notification block for notify your visitors.

 Single Product Block

Affiliate Booster Block

  • Top Features

AB Product Column

In product column you can differentiate product & service. This section you can Add image, Title, Attractive Button.

Affiliate Booster AB Booster Column

AB Icon List

In AB Icon list we can add list product, service & index.

Affiliate Booster AB List Icon

AB Good-Bad Block

In good-bad block you can add attractive block for good & bad characteristics of product or service.

Affiliate Booster Good Bad Block

AB Progress Bar

In Progress Bar you can rate in points product or service. Also add progress report with progress bar.

Affiliate Booster AB Booster Blog

AB Dynamic Block

In AB Dynamic Block you can border for text and images.

Affiliate Booster AB Dynamic Blog

The list is never-ending. It offers high payment for beginners. WordPress gives importance to its users as well. It takes insights from their global users about their site, and according to their survey, they have found out that affiliate booster is one of the best features they have ever created.

It has received one of the best reviews. 

Now, let’s turn towards my review for the affiliate booster. Affiliate booster increases your sales. It helps you to create a clutter-free and flawless blog. It has all the exact needed features in one place. From plugins, 10+ blocks and ready-made flawless themes and templates as well! Everything is up to the mark.

It speeds up the process and has easy to use features. The login process is very easy. You can easily use as well as download everything. You will get a complimentary affiliate booster plugin to control your page blocks constructively. 

As mentioned in the list, it has amazing blocks; it provides SEO scores, it has perfect ready-made themes, so you don’t need to create any new theme or templates. It has affordable offers, amazing typography, compatible with page creators, and can be operated through mobile. What else does a blogger need! 

 The conclusion is that you should try the affiliate booster of WordPress because it helps you like an invisible assistant. It cuts off more than half of your work and gives you the exact feature you need. As a blogger, I will recommend this affiliate booster to all of you. This colorful affiliate booster will change your blog as well as your website. 

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