The business economy today has grown a lot in the world. Even in India, we have numerous start-ups each year. This proves to be greatly beneficial for the country and its economy.

However, when so many businesses are blooming each year, it is difficult to gain fame in this community. With so much competition in every field and with every product, you have to do something very different to stand out. 

Add me to search
add me to search

In order to try and address this issue, Google has come up with a new idea. This will allow even small entrepreneurs to become visible on a platform such as Google.

“Add me to search”

This tool allows customers to directly contact the business owners. They are however still in the testing phase of this new feature. 

This new feature is known as ‘add me to search’ or in simple language, virtual business cards. 

Let us look at some features of Google’s ‘add me to search’

  • Your virtual business card will show up when someone types your name in the ‘search’ tab. 
  • Especially helpful for people who aren’t very famous, and yet want to be noticed. 
  • It helps as a virtual visiting card.
  • You can add details of your company website, link to company website, your social media links, social profile and any other information you want people to know. 
  • When someone searches your name, they will see your name, profession and location. Once they click this, they can see all the details you have uploaded on your virtual business card. 
  • Great way to connect to a wide set of audience. 
  • Helps build a huge presence online. 
  • Allows potential customers to visit your website.
  • They also have the liberty of contacting you directly. 
Add me to search

Who can create the Google’s virtual Business card

Practically, anyone and everyone owning a google account can create this virtual business card.

However, it is recommended for business owners and entrepreneurs. People who wish to expand their business by increasing their virtual presence. And in turn increasing their customer base. 

Now that you have understood what a ‘add me to search’ is, let me inform you on how to create one

  1. The main thing you need to create a virtual business card with Google is to have a Google account. That is a Gmail ID. 
  2. Post this, you can just type ‘add me to search’
  3. Once you type this, you will have an icon on the bottom right corner indicating ‘Get started’. 
  4. Once you click on this, you will get directed to the page saying ‘Edit your public profile’.
  5. On this page, you can fill the following set of information – 

Your photo

Your personal name

Your business/company name

Your designation

About (little something about yourself)

Work experience

Phone number

Email ID

Add me to search

This information will be the one that will show up on your virtual business card.

7. Once filled, you can preview the information you have filled. If you are satisfied with it, you can go ahead and save it.  

8. Your virtual business card is now created and will go live in a second. 

So if you have your own business, and want to expand it, what’s the wait?

Create your own virtual business card by Google, and get ready to become more virtually present, for the benefit of your business.

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