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About Me

A good day to you all, and welcome to my blog on Digital Marketing!!

I am Kishor Sasemahal, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur of the 21st century. 

I am currently the owner of a Digital Marketing agency named ‘ColorQ Digital’, that is established and runs in the city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. 

Selud, a small town near Aurangabad, Maharashtra was where I was born. My schooling days were also spent in this town. Post the completion of my schooling from Aurangabad, I enrolled myself for an animation course into one of the reputed and well-known institutes. 

Post completion of my education, I decided to get experience in the field. For this endeavour, I worked as a VFX Artist in a Pune based Animation company.

I also interned in organizations like Tressor, which is based in Bangalore, Sound One, based in Mumbai, Webuener, that is based in Nagpur, & BFY sports & fitness. This helped me gain immense experience in the marketing field. 

After, I shifted to the role of a social media manager and worked with various consultant companies such as ComIT Technology, Billing Machine Wala, and Sampurna Suvidha Center.

However, considering my passion for entrepreneurship, I am always keen on ending up with my own company. Hence after such endeavour in the marketing field, I returned to my hometown Aurangabad, in order to work towards my dreams. 

In the start acquiring help from a few of my friends, I started a Graphic designing agency here in Aurangabad. However I realized that in order to gain expertise in this field, I require some extra added knowledge. And hence, I became very keen on learning more about the field of digital marketing.

I read books, watched online videos, attended classes, and gained more knowledge each day. This helped me increase my know-how and enhance my skills in this field. Digital marketing not been a small field in Marketing, took me an entire year to learn about, including the various aspects and the new developments in the field. 

A year later, in 2019, I planned and converted my graphic design agency into a fool proof Digital Marketing agency. Along with this I also pride myself of being a youtuber, and a blogger. 

This initiative of my life, is something that is working out very well for me and the dreams I had envisioned for myself. 

I may of course not be an expert in this field yet, But I am surely gaining new knowledge about it every single day. Simultaneously improving my skills as the journey unfolds. 

This blog would contain information regarding Digital Marketing. The courses to take up, the new developments in the field, and so on. 

I am very happy and honored to be able to share with you all the knowledge I have gained in this field in the last two years of my life. 

So stay tuned for all new updates and information!

Follow the blog, and I assure you, you will love every bit of it. 

Thank you!!!

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